Unfriendly Chileans – Rude Chileans – Nasty Chileans…. silly Chileans…?

The title says it all. That is what I read a lot on Expat Blogs about Chile. I always wondered what is wrong with me why do I not see it, perhaps I am lucky? After living in Santiago for 2 years I might still see through pink lenses but I guess I might just see it differently. Chileans in my eyes are pleasant and friendly whilst often shy at first. My wife (who is an expat from Mexico) never complained about Chilenos apart from their unclear pronunciation and being highly organised and “correct” which of course can also be a very good thing So yesterday i asked her. “What do you think of Chilenos”.. She said lots of stuff but not much negative – shy, organised, less self-esteem than people from other nations but generally nice people. So I asked: “rude, nasty….”

The answer was what I had expected and what had been exactly my observations which got me thinking more.

Now the Expat blogs I read are mostly from Norte Americanos or Brits and yes in those countries strangers are constantly asking how you are doing even if the people are not at all interested in hearing the answer and often don’t even wait for the response. In the States a lot worse than in Britain but I remember too well when I was going through a rough time living in Cambridge and every day when I walked in to a shop at before 7 in the morning being asked “how are you” in a very bright happy and positive voice. There are moments I don’t want to hear that. I just want to buy my sandwich and be done with it. Often I thought if she really cared…… – anyway… Different cultures… :) – so I stuck to  a fine thanks…


Also the Brits invented the queues and my friends and me where often joking that Brits only come to places where there is a long queue and that without the queue there would be no experience ;) Night Clubs made artificial queues even if completely empty inside… The missing queues often a complaint about Chile…


So the real question is: Are Chileans unfriendly & nasty or only the way Americans and British feel about them?

The following poll is meant only for “non US and non British expats” and I would be interested to see the results… Please please if you are from the US or UK don’t take part in the poll – but feel free to leave a comment.

ps: sorry for generalising ;) I know Brits are very different then US Americans – both cultures generally nice, friendly & helpful – oh and I miss the driving in Britain – OMG – amazing even in rush hour in London…

119 thoughts on “Unfriendly Chileans – Rude Chileans – Nasty Chileans…. silly Chileans…?

  1. I am a Brit so could not vote. Doh.

    I was saying to my Chilean wife the other day that Chileans are so nice and friendly because they use up all their negative karma whilst driving. I think thats an apt summary. On the whole Chilean and very polite and nice. I haven’t met a rude or nasty one yet. But and there is always a but. Put a Chilean behind the wheel of a car and this all changes. Of course being Brit I drive at the speed limit. Perhaps I don’t really understand those number signs yet. They are speed limits right?


    1. hey ian,

      thanks for commenting – i was just speaking to matt the other day that there are hardly any male expat bloggers in chile – so great to discover you. You came to Santiago recently?

      The traffic drives me crazy.. that just works in britain. everybody is soooo relaxed it is so easy to drive there. i am used to “the british passive driving style now” so i still do it sometimes in santiago but people are so surprised that they even forget to thank me ;0 I am starting to adapt though and am becoming more latin when behind the weel.. ;)

      the speed limit does not really count here – although there are quite a few carabineros out there measuring the speed but not sure how expensive it is or what the consequences are of driving too fast.

  2. I don’t think that Chileans are rude on an individual level or that they are intentionally or maliciously rude. What I classify as rude – and what has made me become frustrated and generalize on occasion – is stuff like people pushing in front of me in line. It’s not a question of them not telling me to have a good day, and I’ve never heard anyone say that’s what bugs them, it’s the impression I get that as a society, Chileans do not think how their actions affect others, which leads to certain behaviors like cutting in line, littering, being late and making you wait, etc. Those things are, to me, rude.

    1. Emily, you must be English! So am I. We are well known for our queueing, which seems to be unique. It’s certainly not only Chileans who push in front of me in line. I have had this problem with many Europeans.

  3. I was actually trying to recall a time when a Chilean wasn’t nice to me/rude and I had difficulty in thinking of one.

    In general I find Chileans friendly except behind the wheel of a car as Ian said.

  4. Hi André!
    I’m not an expat (well not in Chile anyway, just an English woman living in Austria), but I came to Chile on holiday last year with your father and we found the Chileans friendly and helpful. I had tried to learn Spanish because I didn’t expect anyone to speak any other language, but was even surprised to find they did. On the Metro and the station several people who saw us looking at the map offered their help in English without being asked.
    I do agree about the drivers though and you really can’t beat the Brits for that, although the days of the real English gentlemen seem to be coming to an end too in this cosmopolitan day and age.

  5. Sarah

    I just moved to Chile and many of them can be VERY rude and mean. When I first got to my school they seemed very close, conserved, and quite cold. But later on I got to no them better and they can be very fun… theyre just quiet. Ive never seen a loud Chilean.

  6. Anna

    In my opinion because I live in australia and I worked with chileneans men and women, they love to stabbed you in the back, they appear nice to you to your face but when you turn your back to them they stick their knife on you.
    I worked in a hotel with many chilenean women and all they knew to do was to be going to the office with gossip to the boss about the other women working in the hotel, chileneans they love to make trouble for other people and they are TROUBLE MAKERS and they like to spread malicious gossip about people, they are also very jealous especialy when they work with other south american nationalities and they can see we are different, personaly I dislike chileneans I had many bad experiences with them.

    1. Claudia

      i am chilean and i can tell you we are NOT like that. You have gossip all around the world, no matter the nationality. Im sorry you had that kind of coworkers, guess you just weren’t very lucky…

      1. Robert.

        Sorry Claudia, i have experienced teh same as Anna. Ok, gossip is all around the world, but chile wins by far!. Ive worked for an american bank with regional headquarters in chile and for a british trader with main regional office in santiago and what can i say, “chaqueteo” is chiles national sport.

      2. trish

        thats a lie! Chileans in general are gossipers by nature , I agree to the person above , most chileans in general are very envious people ,yes there are gossips around the world but in chile particularly is one of the worst , you can even see it even more to the women of chile especially the oldies and those who are housewives oh my goodness I say this based on experience how envious and troublemakers they are , they like to make themselves good and acting innocent and just making judgement of other people ,, foreigners who have been here for a short span of time or those who dont immense theirselves in chilean culture WONT see what chilean women are! they are horrible well not all actually i know some with a good heart but few percentage of them really exist trust me ,gossip in Chile is really enormous and they like dragging other people down when they see someone successful ,they are truly madly envious people dont misunderstand that i might sound a racist coz im not!! I have few chilean friends who AGREE with me and feel ashamed of the gossip by chilean especially women in general they are even testifying the truth and they also said that blondes are big deal here and classism which they say are pure stupidity , doesnt mean a person is blonde means high class or being black hair or whatever color means being a low level , there are blonde thieves in Chile and thats actually another main problem because burglary in Chile is really high , my Chilean friend came home frustrated but laughing because the book on top of his chest was stolen whilst got asleep from reading inside the bus when she woke up the book was already gone lol , another silly story from another chilean friend was that her sweater was tied on her hips but someone took it while being sandwiched by a crowd on the street lol I mean its silly but i know i should not laugh coz burglary is bad , but if you can only imagine , chileans in general steals things even unimportant things ..well back to the gossipit also occur inside the mall or some local stores that chilean employee especially women are talking gossip or comlaining about a certain person they dislike , there are many drama being created etc etc .. especially their boss , some of them complain that their boss is horrible for being strict and deducting their salary bec they are 10 mins late! HELLO!??!! Does she even hear what she says to herself she doesnt realize that late is being late so there is no excuse she should follow the rules so why all the complains err? as i was in that particular store while hearing their loud mouth backtalking about their boss , I was asking help for the fifth time and they all ignore me none of them even come to assist and those people buying , they just continue gossiping and gossiping and i was there waiting and with the rest of the buyer , one buyer was pissed off it was a woman and she shouted at the sales lady but the sales lady were mean and got mad and said that she cannot attend to her for the moment because shes busy but this woman said you are not busy because you are overheard gossiping only etc etc until both of them were frustrated and both talking in loud mouths and i couldnt stand it i just left and also put down things im suppose to buy and i didnt know what happened next hayyyyy Gossipers everywhere here , DONT GET ME WRONG CHILE IS A WONDRFUL WONDERFUL COUNTRY AND HAS LOTS OF POTENTIAL but the PROBLEM HERE IN GENERAL ARE THE PEOPLE.. VERY close minded,full of envy with each other, backtalking and GOSSIPS here and there and everywhere oh my goodness how can they possibly gossip all day long and even at night until late very late at night just gossiping .. seriously the neighborhoods here are uniting just because of gossips unbelievable!!

        to the person above me please dont cover up your fellow chileans just to make your fellowmen look good , just be real and accept the ugly fact that most chileans are really gossipers maybe you dont see that yourself but it is the sad truth and its part of the culture i think nowadays, just dont cover up all the ugly facts because people deserve the truth maybe if you truly voice out the real things your fellow chileans especially the gossiper women will change and not gossip anymore but highly doubt it , but am hopeful all these will change .. im not degrading or anything but its the fact like i have said .. SAD REALLY.. but despite it all I AM GLAD THAT I HAVE FOUND SOME GOOD CHILEAN FRIENDS MEN AND WOMEN HERE just when i was about to loose hope here , I Have discovered there are still FEW GOOD PEOPLE , SO to anyone travelling in chile or would like to settle in chile DONT LOSE HOPE , dont be discourage even people in chile are mostly negative, degrading and most of all gossipers because maybe you will have a different experience of your own or a positive one to cherish ,mine just happened to be mix of bad experience but also good ones but all in all am thankful for the experience living in chile because i have learned a lot of things and also learned how to be patient really lol but now im not in chile anymore thank goodness although i miss few good friends i have had in there ..anyways i might come back because of them and they will come visit anyways where i live even i am not there anymore

    2. elena

      Anna, I’m Chilean, and it is very common for young women and men to go to work in Australia. I believe that you just had bad luck of meeting that kind of people, but believe me, not all chileans are like that. In a very respectful way, I would like to recommend you to be careful with your generalizations and how you express your point of view. Your opinion is completely acceptable, but don’t be so closed. Just because you met two chileans who were not nice, it means that ALL chileans are mean.

    3. Rock

      Absolutely agree. I have been working in Chile for near six years. On the surface everything seems great but lerking just below this false exterior are constant lies, complaining, arrogance, ignorance, cheating and on and on. Sorry to generalize. I like many individuals, but to continue generalizing, I think the country has little to offer, and it in general sets a poor standard. This is reflected in everthing here, the food, the coffee, the professionals, the services, the school system… the list goes on.

    1. Dunn

      Not really Alvaro.

      Cubans, Costa Ricans, Paraguayans, Mexicans, El Salvadorians, Equadorians, Brazilians (especially Brazilians), Spaniards (mostly) and Western Argentines seem to get along well with Chileans. Not that they have a infatuation with Chileans but its not ‘hate’ as you put it.

      I think the only Latin-American people who ‘Hate’ Chileans are Bolivians, Peruvians, and Coastal/non-Hispanic Argentines. Where the former too are far too Xenophobic and racist towards the Chilean community, and the latter is generally disliked by everyone in Latin-America because of the whole ‘Eurocentrism’ bit. In my honest opinion I think its actually Peru and Bolivians that are very much disliked in the whole of Latin-America. I haven’t been too one country yet where a sizeable population of Peruvians and Bolivians hasn’t been treated with contempt and disdain. There are near 1/2 a million Chileans in Brazil and Argentina and for the most part have integrated very well. Even if there a few bad apples along the way.

      Chileans are alot like Spaniards in my opinion, they’re an enclosed community but once you piece the barrier, everyone loves you. Even if you have to put up with crap before you do.

  7. Mily

    We are very shy, reserved, calm, conservative, generous, classist, etc
    Many other South American countries hates us because they are jealous of our economic stability.

  8. ilsa

    I find Chileans pretentious and xenophobic. They like you when you’re a tourist, but when you actually live there they get a little bit hostile. They seem to feel superior when confronted with a person who speaks Spanish well, but not perfectly, even though most of them are unintelligible at best when trying to speak English. I think they’re used to thinking they’re better than everyone else in Latin America, and it has steeped into their overall subconscious. My worst experience was when asking for help while buying supplies for my child’s school. In one place they were quite helpful, but in several others they were a strange mix of pretentiousness and hostility.

    1. Robert.

      Totally agree, at least in santiago. Telling stories about their great grandpa, and their fortune, and their fantastic armed forces….. Pretending to be “old money” guys, but being nothing but forgotten south americans. Chileans talk too much!, like a 1/4 model of an aussie!

  9. Asiral

    My boyfriend is half Chilean and he recently invited me over for dinner with his family and some acquaintances of his expat Chilean father who has been living in the states since he was 19. The Chileans they invited over were also expats although more newcomers to the U.S. (one of them illegally), and I was very excited to meet them, thinking they would be warm, fun people like people from many other Latin-American cultures (Mexican, Columbian, Argentinean) tend to be. I was instead crushed and annoyed at having to sit throughout the dinner listening to them give themselves airs about their European roots (none of them looked very European), about the intensive etiquette classes that Chilean children take, about their superior Spanish (their accent is hard to understand if you’re a Spanish speaker from another country especially since they swallow the ‘s’ sound and speak very rapidly) and many other condescending remarks they made about just about every other ethnic and non ethnic group in the states that wasn’t Chilean. Their bragging and condescending nature really just led me to believe they have some sort of inferiority complex.

    1. Dave Spillers

      I have been in Chile for 6 1/2 years and can honestly say that the Chileans are rude, ignorant and stubborn! They are totally controlled by the Catholic Church and breeding is their favorite pastime! The country is polluted, and grossly over priced. Anything they sell is two to ten times more than the same article in the US! Their food is awful and they have no great chefs or decent restaurants. I can go on but I am writing a book to dissuade other people from coming to this awful place.

      1. Fran

        What a horrible comment, Chilean food is delicious. I have no idea what you’re talking about. The vegetables are like nothing I have ever tasted in the US, the seafood…. oh my lord the seafood…it’s like paradise. And I am amazed that you haven’t found a restaurant that you like…. everything is great there… they bring pebre and bread at the beginning… how can you not like that? I lived in Chile for 5 years with my family as a teenager and I must say that I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Chileans are funny and relaxed, and treat you right if you don’t have a superiority complex with them. If you come off as a snobby American who knows everything, you will not be nicely treated. It’s their country not yours… I loved spending my teenage years in Chile, I was free to be young… didn’t have boring suburbia around me…. Parents in Chile allow their kids to do their business, the leash is not tense like here. And for that reason Chilean kids are not doing coke and blowing up their schools… they are not bored out of their minds like kids here. People protest in Chile… there’s music in the streets.. ahhhh.. I love the place… when I finish college I’m going right back…I think you have had a bad experience because you are a self-righteous and maybe bigoted American who instead of submerging yourself in the culture have only aligned yourself with other English-speaking people and have learned nothing about the beauty of Chile. Yes, the Catholic Church overpowers more than it should, but there is slow change happening to keep the church out of the people’s and state’s business. By the way, I have traveled all over the place and big cities like Santiago, Valparaiso, and Concepcion just follow the hygiene of other big cities. Are you gonna tell me that Paris is any better?…. cause it’s not… but who cares…. you are just a smug and snobby traveler that needs to be more involved in the place you are in. Just enjoy it man.. or go back to the world of strip malls and be happy.

      2. M Schlimm

        Hi Dave,

        I couldn’t agree more with your views on Chile. After having been living here for over 2 years, I totally agree with you.
        Most Chileans are xenophobic, rude, ignorant and pretentious. Everything is overpriced and customer service sucks.
        Most Chileans live their “Chilean dream” upon huge debt and credit. This country has become a fake and disgusting copy of the U.S. in many ways.
        Organised country? My ass! A lot of redtape for everything and lazy human beings working in public offices.

      3. Ximena

        Ignorants…. All?. No decent restaurants ? And… Well… How suppose that we eat?. In tastes there is nothing written .

        A question. In what part of Chile do you lived?

    2. Pancho

      Asiral, I’m chilean but I was born and raised in France. I came to Chile when I was 15 and I must say I totally agree with you. It’s impossible to talk about that with chileans so reading it from you make me feel less alone. Thanks.

  10. Nicolas

    I am Chilean and I agree with a lot of comments i´ve seen. We are shy people, we don´t like to presume, we are humble. But yes, our society is also very classist. It´s strange to find a Chilean being rude with a foreigner, we are nicer with foreigners than with our own people.

  11. Gonzalo

    It a bit dissapointing to hear some bad comments about my country, specially when many of us (Chileans) are truly doing an effort to get along well with foreigners.

    I work online with americans, australians, chinese and brazilian tech companies. Beside applying the rules of thumb of any global interaction (“please”, “thank you”, respect the other’s time and culture, etc.), I try to be proactive helping foreigners in Santiago -where I live. Every time I spot tourists struggling with a map or directions, I approach them in spanish or english, and politely offer them some help. The relief faces are just the same I saw on chileans in the US, struggling with english to pick up their luggage in some airport.
    Sometimes a 30s talk can make all the difference.

    Yeah, sometimes we act cold, distant, maybe arrogant, but it’s just plain shyness. All you have to do is to kick the door with some “hola, me puede ayudar?” (Hi, can you help me?), and you’re meeting the best side of these folks.

    Great forum, I realize we chileans have a lot of work to do.
    Thanks & have a great day!

    1. Hey Gonzalo,
      thanks for participating. I particularly like your “Sometimes a 30s talk can make all the difference.” It is so true and I have expirienced this on the helping end as well as on the receiving end.

      There are extremely helpful people in most countries but a few people are always nasty / unhelpful.

      My take. If someone comes to a foreign country he needs to adapt and not hope for all the people that live there adapt. This is more for when coming to live as for coming as a tourist. If someone lives in a country for many years and is unhappy with the inhabitants my advice is “just get the hell out and stop whining.”

      1. francisco

        The natives do not worship you Robert ? bad, bad south americans , shameful they do not recognize your obvious Northern superiority.

  12. Gonzalo

    I think Chile is a “stirred but not mixed” society, and that’s about the most confusing thing for foreigners coming here. Get 2 tourists on the same plane back home, put them to talk about their experiences in Chile, even in the same cities, and both will end up wondering if they actually visited the same country.

    If you drive across Santiago, in straight line from East to west, comunas (city districts) like Vitacura or Las Condes have an average household income of $60k-$85k/yr, most people have at least 12yrs education, and often postgraduate degrees in US/Europe colleges. They look much like east europeans or Spaniards, and are well educated, some of them probably knowing more about your own country than yourself.

    You drive 20 mins down to West, and you’ll find the stereotypical hispanic faces, household income ranging $10-$14k/yr, streets not so clean, beggars, stray dogs, white ladies catcalled, petty crime, etc. Like a ditch landing in SouthAmerica.

    Yeah, both ends are the same Chile, but there are actually 2 countries, one lagging the other by about 20 yrs. We chileans see this crystal clear, even though it’s a taboo talk, but foreigners are unaware of this.

    1. abc motivo

      OMG Gonzalo. Your comment reflects SO WELL everything that is wrong with Chile. Your obtuse view of the of the city you live in, and your limited understanding of the country. Thank you so much for clearing it out for everyone to see. Also, this is hilarious: “some of them probably knowing more about your own country than yourself”.

      1. @david spillers,

        it baffles me to see that you comment from a chilean movistar IP address.

        My advice. Go home in to your hyper developed and perfect country should you believe your current host country is so far behind. This is my second country I am an expat in and it annoys me to see so much arrogance from guests. My first country I lived in was UK and there were a lot of lovely and nice Germans there who I hung out with but some of them had so much negativity to spread against their host country. I always ask myself if everything is better in the country you are born in why don’t you just pack your stuff, go home and never come back?

    2. Tamsin Michelle

      Yes I agree Andre. What on earth is he doing here if he so obviously doesn’t like the country? I love this country, it’s not perfect but where is right?

  13. Donna Thomas

    I was married to a man from Chile for 20 years. He and his family were arrogant, rude, hypocritical, bragging, nasty, gossipy, truly nasty – no matter what you did you couldn’t please them – they have a lot of issues and seem to be full of hate towards the rest of the world. i’m sorry i didn’t do more research into the country and its attitudes before i married him and his overly involved matriarchal mother and sister – it was a true disaster – they live in the usa and yet all they do is put the usa down – they invented a geneology that they were descendents of (get this) wiliam the conquere, eleanor of acquataine, falk the red, clovis, and a zillion other famous people all at the same time – and talked about it all the time – they would toast to the ‘kings of spain’ whom they said they were related to – amazing – and they would talk in spanish about gays, make fun of people, very super critical and unhappy – very very uptight people – it has to do with their school system and classist culture – the mother spoke all the time about all her hired help, about how she imported everything from england and when i met their ‘uncle’ i.e. a cousin four times removed when he was made a cardinal in Rome and was introduced as a young woman from america, the guy blurts out “America – bah! You people never help anyone- we had a flood in chile and the americans did nothing’ – all this while standing in line to meet the Pope under the gilded ceilings of the Vatican from a Cardinal to be who has spent his life within the catholic church – my ex’s sister and mother were the same way – always in church on sunday and the most unchristian nasty people you ever met – very selfish and ugly – it was a horrible experience – i have a feeling that what i experienced is not unusual – it appears to be a really uptight society – they need to get it together – another time I met one of their chilean friends for dinner and mentioned that my sister in law came from brazil – i kid you not, with a straight face this woman said to me ‘why would one ever want to go there?’ I couldn’t believe it – size of brazil vs. size of chile? Not a nice place – very hypocritical – they really hate americans but they all come to live here and are hypocrites. dont’ trust them…move to a nicer country (Brazil)and get on with your life. above all, don’t marry one.

    1. lee morris

      well i certainly agree i am from the uk and find the levels of discrimination here in iquique absolutely atrocious …form the start at the intendencia ( immigration ) racially abused me verbally shoutoing and swearing aggresive behaviour and all this time because i asked if someone spoke english and if not could my wife ( who is chilean ) could come upstairs and translate ,,,,,i was sat underneath the rules and regulations of which stated that all foreigners be treated fairly spoken to and explained in very clear etc ,,basically she broke all of the rules and she was the boss ..

      later upon working as a contractor in the mining industry i found the men there to be envidious jealous gossips back stabbing and downright rude ignorant racist clasist and all that that ends in ist towards me ,,i cant speak of all chileans as i have found some to be great helpful and wanting to share and learn open minded but they are but a few… ,here.. in the north of chile seems to be very old fashioned .and closed minded i have been here for 5 years now and i think that i have grown skin thicker than a whales hide hahah but hey life goea on and i only hope that things change even a little otherwise chile will stay there in the dark ages and i shall fly away to a far away land and time travel to a place where at least i will merge with the paperwork xxx

    2. elena

      when will people like you ever understand that NOT ALL CHILEANS ARE THE SAME. Im so sorry to tell you this, but believe me, you will probably find more people like that in the US that in Chile.

  14. Donna Thomas

    ps they were extremely racist and loved to tell stories about how all the Indian peoples of Chile had been killed off by their ancestors…they loved to talk about how ‘white’ chileans are compared to the rest of south america – if you want to get true insight from a chilean about the country read isabel allende’s book about chile – my in-laws and ex were in hysterics laughing while they read the book, because she is so spot on about them…of course, they thought it was funny. in the meantime, if you marry one or have to live there, it’s a real disaster.

  15. alejandra

    I am chilean and I left the country when I was about 10 years old, i went back just a couple months ago to visit. I always remembered Chile as a beautiful place with a lot of nature to look at etc. I was shocked to see how people are. A lot of them were very rude. Specially in the airport. It had been about 10 years since i flew out there and people were not helpful at all. I was very disappointed and couldnt believe that they would treat others that way. Very stuck up.

  16. I live in Dallas, and many of these things can be said about here. Maybe we all look at places reflected through our own personalities and experiences. I know when I drive mad, I find many more mad people than when I am calm. Now I want to go there and make up my own mind.

  17. Fernando

    Hello , im Chilean and i think our people isnt that bad , most of us are nice people who doesnt want trouble , but something true is that if we feel that you’re trying to being a jerk or annoying someone , that person will fight back in a kind of way , even puches , but we do that because we dont like to be fooled by other people , i’m not talking about racism or your origins , we are like that even with our own people , BUT thats just the BAD side of the thing
    if you dont want be treated bad , dont be bad person , but seiously isn’t really that bad , i mean you know wich kind of things are annoying , we dont have “special treatment” you have only to not do all the things that most of the people in the world hate , you have to know that if there’s something that we think is not fair , we will make you know in some way

    in the good side is the fact that we think all the people who comes froms diferents countries are nice people , better than us in some way , and we feel that we have to learn more about that kind of people , so we act like them , or we are more educated people when we are front a tourist or a person who comes from other country , because if you can undestand spanish , then you will notice that we speak like

    “hello , faggot , how was you day – mmm it was fucking boring i have a test in the morning but i dont give a fuck , i think that bitch is trying to make me repeat the year”

    i know it sounds horrible in english , but in “Chilean” it is not that bad , i mean , most of us dont care if you who are my friend are talking to me like that , BUT if you are a strange and you start talking to me like that i would think you’re very unsophisticated , i know is funny! xD , but it is nice when you are in the correct place to talk like that , and no one will say to you “Oooh how unsophisticated are you” xD because whe dont care , if you come to learn spanish in Chile the first thing you will learn will be “Weon” that mean “Dumb , jerk , stupid ,asshole , etc” , but if you say it in other context it could mean “Buddy , guy , friend”

    If you will visit Chile be a nice guy because most of us will start being nice guys to you , avoiding problems and odd situations , asking you things about your country or making jokes about it xD

    the chilean is not agressive is very funny and defensive , but if it feels annoyed then it will start being a jerk in a way , then you have to learn some things that you can and can not do in Chile , and i think most of the list would be the same for all the countries , just think ,

    what could make me angry? in some way? and dont do it
    What could be nice to hear in some way? and do it if you are trying to be friendly

    dont expect be ignorated if you are diferent , because we know is odd and we are extremely bad simulating it , but dont think they are being racist they are being curious , how you dress , how tall you are , your skin color , etc , all this not being racist , just extremely bad simulating that we arent doing that xD

  18. Chile is CACA

    Chile is caca and shit and probably the worst country to live in South America, period!People in general of all social classes are rude and have that I Hate Life feeling and will most likely stab you in the back.Funniest thing is they like to call themselves the Most Developed Country in Latin America when 2 of the 3 in the Top 400 Universities in the world are way ahead of Chile(Brazil) and the only University in the list is Universidad Catolica at the back of the list near the 400 ranking.Chile is plagued by poor and uneducated people and dont be surprised to get insulted frequently and people laughing at you in your face for absolutely whatever reason.Chile is one of those countries you learn to hate everyday little by little.If you are looking for a decent standard of life by whatever means, economic and social, you defintely wont find it here.AT least in my experience and by many many others, Brazil is probably the country with the nicest people in South America in general and Argentina are the European Wannabes of South America and Chile is the same shit with different name.The poor Peruvian maids or NANAs speak better spanish than the millionaria quica in Vitacura, hah so eat your own shit you rude and nasty Chileans.You chileans are a shit society and horrible grotesque people which you all deserve to die more than the jews in the holocaust and I would say enjoy your smog and pollution half of Chile, Indios Rotos y Chanchos de racista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day ! :)

    1. Right, because you probably live in a perfect country were there is no crime, no discrimation, and where everyone is nice and happy. Have a nice life you idiot

  19. randy


    1. It’s funny how you people say “Chileans are rude” or “Chileans suck”… have you met them all? believe it or not, there actually IS people who are not rude, or ignorant, or mean. You probably met the wrong people. Please stop generalizing, we Chileans do not like, or deserve, to be treated this way. Not because you have met a few Chileans who have not been the nicest, makes us all Chileans mean. Don’t put all of us in the same bag please.

  20. Brian Angle

    Chile sucks big time.People here are extremely rude and arrogant, they will make fun of you over any physical deformity or simply if you are different than them.The average Chilean is resentful and poor in education.Oh dont get me started, this country is just another name for Inferno.Chileans have no manners and the people dont shut their big fat mouths up.I can not tell you how rude a Chilean is, Chile is probable the rudest country on the face of the Earth.Anyone who is coming to Chile to live better prepare to get a stomach ulcer and to see a physcologist cause you are going to need it.Oh boy Chile is an inferno, Phsycological Warfare and Mental Abuse dominates the country.Bullying is common in Chile for every age range.Oh that is only one of the problems, everything is so contaminated in Chile with smog and pollution.The majority of the houses in Chile are 4×4 wooden slums and people are so damn ugly in Chile, out of my decades in living in Chile I have yet to seen just 1 person that is decent looking.So in conclusion think a trillion times before coming to Chile, because coming to Chile is a death sentence, and this is the honest truth, youve been warned.

  21. Jeff

    I’m an Englishman who has lived in Santiago for 8 years. I find most Chileans to be just like children, though I do have some Chilean friends, including a Chilean girlfriend. Emotionally insecure, very dishonest, rude-real screw ups. Trying to do business with them is really difficult, they are vague, unorganized and lazy, they are very poor communicators and suspicious of everyone, a result of not being used to common decency, which is in little supply here, there is however lots of bullshit, which Brits like me can detect a mile away. People in managerial positions do not take on responsibility,’ pasa la pelota’. Place of work relationships are terrible, lots of back stabbing and theft.. I really don’t know where they get the dillusion that they are superior in Latin America! Education here is very poor, they are not very articulate due to their poor grasp of Spanish. There also seems to be a crippling shyness, I’ve thrown parties and they just huddle in groups, not very sociable. They also have awful dress sense, suits just seem to hang off men. In a nutshell, a pretty fucked up place, the weather is good though, better than the pissing rain in UK. I could also go on about all of the shit in UK, but it would take too long.

  22. Hey Jeff, thanks for commenting.
    I work with an Englishman… A day after I read your comment I asked him if he had posted it as his comments are equal. He laughed when I read it to him and asked me why I just don’t see it. I only work with open minded Chileans that have lived abroad and never worked in a Chilean company so I am lacking exerience for a proper judgment.

    However there are a load of honest Chileans in Santiago. Let me give you a few examples. I bought some Ray Ban sunglasses and left them in the restaurant (Open Alto Las Condes), I found out I had left them a day later, called them and they were still there. The waitress had saved them. In Metro Escuela Militar I left a bag with my laptop. Before I had noticed that I left my bag I got a call asking if I had forgotten something. My details were in there on some immigration papers. Lost my mobile phone which got returned to me. I know, yes I am pretty awful with stuff – but this just always surprises the hell out of me. So still after more then 5 years here I am still sane and still like the Chileans that said I never worked with them….

  23. MATÍAS


    1. Jeff

      Who’s saying that the UK isn’t messed up? Most of the world is, however, the difference in culture is that somebody from UK will freely admit his/her country’s shortcomings, most Chileans are arrogant and have a simplistic idea about being patriotic, it’s more than flag waving every September.Chileans are not good to each other, which is why there are hardly any charities here, me, me, me is the Chilean way. While Chile’s economists are good housekeepers, it would be interesting to see how Chile would be if they didn’t have copper, probably living in fucking straw huts. And yes, you do need immigrants, to try and pull you out of your Third World, medioche mentallity. I’m a productive immigrant here,so, kindly anda a la mierda weon.

    2. Alex

      UK and USA are shit countries? Chile doesn’t vaguely measure up to either of those in any way. Average British and Americans will always be richer and have more opportunities in life than average Chileans. Most housing in Chile is still extremely basic-like my garage in the UK. The problem with Chileans is that they know their country doesn’t have the history or culture of Peru or the good looks and interesting towns and cities of Brazil or Argentina. It’s as if they know their ancestors made a mistake in moving there hundreds of years ago (no-one in Chile is really mapoche) as Chile just isn’t anything. It’s not a rich country, compared to most European nations or North America, nor is it cultural. When you consider Chile has the third highest income disparity in South America the average $15000 salary a year is pretty a meaningless statistic. Chile is just there and it’s blah.

  24. MATÍAS,
    wow for your comment. Let me just paste one part of it again and lets reflect a little bit on it:


    I don’t think there is the need to comment on that. It should be clear even to yourself that you are a hypocrite.

  25. Matt

    Chileans only have the same friends from their kindergarten group.They are very close minded people and dont accept new people into their lives, they are very bad people who lack education.They act when you are talking to them in their face asking you for your phone number and email address, yet they never call or write.They are only interested in themselves, their money and their career.Another bad thing about Chile is that it has the lowest fertility rate in South America, their population is steadily decreasing.An assasin will be let free the next day from court after he has murdered someone, and if a minor kills 20 people, he will be let free of his crimes simply because he is a minor.A really messed up place, go anywhere except Chile.

  26. icha torres

    Honestly, I am married to a Chilean and have two Chilean kids, and I have moved twice to Chile with a totally open heart ready to love it, but I find Chileans so pretentious and xenophobic. When I used to come here as a tourist years ago, people were very welcoming, but as soon as I started actually trying to be a part of Chilean society, people get these pretentious airs and attitudes, like obviously they must be so awesome, that’s why so many Latinos want to come here, and apply the same attitude to everyone else. Yes, Chile is superficially economically stable and has a much better security situation than many other Latin American countries, that’s why so many other Latinos are immigrating. But it is hardly the cultured, sophisticated place it wants to think it is!! They demolish all their old buildings and patrimony to make way for malls, and as my Chilean mother-in-law said, “You are the way you look.” It’s a hype-consumeristic society with a tiny, tiny market which makes prices very expensive (only Chileans don’t care, they like to pay more because it makes them appear to be upper class), so materialistic and people are totally judged by their formal profession, how much money they make, and how they dress. I find it suffocating. It has many good things, but they are not the things that Chileans want to think they are. Sorry.

    1. francisco

      icha says : They demolish all their old buildings and patrimony to make way for malls

      Jajajajaja Never heard of earthquakes ?
      If you say that serious then you ‘re just a pretentious ignorant.
      Because you have no idea of the standards of protection of historic buildings or architectural interest only and sanctions against anyone who violates them.
      Icha sorry but you’re ridiculously ignorant

      1. TJ

        No she isn’t. She gave a very reasoned reply. Yours, on the other hand, was seemingly written by someone embittered. I agree that since laws were passed about a decade ago that things have improved with regards to conservation of patrimony BUT in the early to late 90’s I remember MANY great old buildings and facades torn down for glitzy glass buildings etc. It was sad to see. The sanctions you mention are nothing compared to the reward, that is why patrimony is still destroyed. The sanctions are just not effective. Anyway, I love living in Chile and have done for nearly a quarter of a century. I won’t bash Chileans but I also won’t give them the recognition and approval they seemingly crave for being something they are not.

  27. Judy

    My friends daughter was bullied nearly to death by a chilean student.Chileans prefered form of harrasing you and driving you crazy is by indirect insulting and vomiting out hate and repulsive hate towards the victim.Worst place for ANYONE to live in is Chile.I regret visiting that rotting inferno, I dont recommend it to anyone, not even my worst enemy.

  28. Andes

    Reading all these posts I can understand the frustration that comes from people that weren’t born in Chile. I was born in Chile and I lived on the other side of the tracks for 27 years, so I can tell you that yes, I got sick of this giant dirty toilet bowl called Santiago and got outta there. Like somebody said, Chile is like this relative of yours that is a royal pain in the butt, I have to deal with it but at the same time I try to keep the interaction to a minimum. Even with other chileans up here in the U.S.
    Chileans are different people and they have a set of costumes and traditions that sometimes are not the best you can expect from a person. Chileans are bullies in many ways, especially in Santiago. They look down on you if you live in the opposite side of the city, now if you are from regiones they look down on you even more. Some people in Santiago can swear that Santiago itself is located in Europe. Now, if you have big ears, or a long nose, or dark skin, or short legs, or long leg, etc. they will find the way to mock you and/or make fun of you, which can derivate on a racist attitude. They can be very classist too, they look down on poor people and they put their foot on them. When you submit a resume they want to know in what part of town you live, some require a picture to see how pretty or ugly you are. Even the cuicos in la Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Las Condes, receive a better education, they still get this cultural mindset that makes them bullies, arrogant and cheaters, to the point that they cheat on their spouses like if it was the musical chair game.
    Because of this mid-narrowing culture, you can find that chileans are hard to read, it’s very hard for them to open up and trust anyone, which sometimes, can create a psychological hostile environment. They appear to be nice, but in reality they are just dealing with you, sizing you up to see if there is any beneficial advantage (regarding social status or materialistic motives) that you can provide for them. That’s why they ask you right away what did you studied, what do you do, where do you live, etc…
    They love gringos and expats because you guys are the physical representation of what they see and eat from cable TV, which contains mostly imported TV shows and movies.
    In general, interaction between chileans is very harsh, so please don’t take it personal if you feel mistreated. For some reason is the norm to treat each other’s like shit. In the U.S. for example, you can go to the doctor and you can engage in a conversation, in the waiting room, with the nurse, even with the doctor itself. You can be at the checkout line in the store and actually talk to people around you. You can sit down and have lunch with your boss and talk to him/her one to one. It’s freaking great!! Besides the differences there is a more genuine and fraternal interaction. In Chilito, not so much. The nurse will bully you without compassion, the doctor will rub all his/her degrees and education and diplomas on your face making you feel even sicker. The boss is probably an arrogant prick cuico or cuico wannabe that think his/her shit doesn’t stink and he/she is too good for hanging out with you. Some places they have separate break rooms, only for supervisors where employees and staff are not allow in there, other than to clean after the supervisor’s mess.
    About the chilean food, yes, it’s quite boring, especially around Santiago. You have to go to regiones and taste the local food. In the southern regions you can experience a unique way of cooking. They are big on seafood. I recommend the Curanto, Cocimiento de mariscos and Cordero al palo. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, besides, the countryside is gorgeous!
    So in conclusion, Not all chileans are like that, there are few exceptions that with effort can turn into a beautiful lifelong friendship/relationship/marriage, etc. I can say that Chile has a beautiful countryside, stay away from Santiago and maybe you can find a place you can feel at home, I wasn’t so lucky though.

    1. Jeff

      I’m glad to see that Andes has made some accurate observations on Chileans. Yes, they are pretty fucked up people, I feel sorry for them for being so shallow, really easy to see through, at least, I can. I’ve lived and worked here independantly for nearly ten years, it just makes an Englishman like me want to cry, to cry at how nasty and twat like most Chileans are. Insincere, insecure, the list of negative pre-fixes is endless! I have few Chilean friends, they are like rocking horse shite, rare. Most of the women in Santiago are shallow, dumb little bimbos with fuck all to say for themselves, a lot of them dress hideously. Still, on the positive side, as an Englishman, I still have my own sense of being decent and fair. 10 years hasn’t changed me, so, come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!!

  29. Eduardo

    Interesting reading… I am chilean and living in Japan, and my opinions regarding the country I’m living don’t differ much from most of the comments here (except that here is probably hell, and that is why people suicide so much).

    Truth is, we have a mind-set formed in our countries, such as the way we interact with others and how we think, so it is very hard to change those mental structures once we rich adulthood. That said, I am going through the conflict of trying to accept a completely different culture… I am in a country with a very different way of behaving, and it is very hard to adapt, not necessarily because you don’t want to, but because you are not given the opportunity.
    So maybe what most people here write, and what I feel is actually the same phenomenon, the inability to adapt to a new environment.

    Although I agree with many of the comments, particularly the bullying and the classism. I think Chile is quite a nice country to live in. People might not be the nicest, but they tend to be quite upfront. And although it might be hard to join a group (and Chile is all about groups), once you are in… then you are always in. That is something i really appreciate, the feeling of having true friends I can really thrust. My main issue here is the shallowness of people, and their fake behaviour. If you think chileans are Shallow, come to japan… Think of rudeness, and come to japan. True, they may seem nice at first, but they are nasty people who stab you very fast on your back. And not only that, its the country of prejudices.

    Where i am going with all these? All countries are different, and have different aspects, that make them good or bad. I liked many of the places I’ve been, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

    And maybe it is true that chileans might be hostile sometimes. But it is very annoying to listen to foreigners complain about your things, your behaviour and so.. Cynicism is not welcomed, and in Chile that drives people mad (I don’t think chileans love every aspect of the country, probably they are quite critical, but definitely don’t like to be told from foreigners that their country is awful, because indeed is not true, it is just like any other country).

    Regarding education, I have to disagree. Although is true that education (as a knowledge absorbing process) is not good. I would find most educated chileans quite informed about politics and economics, even international wise (and I do the comparison by checking my facebook wall and what people post, so it might be biased, but I find my chilean friends more informed in music, arts and so forth than my not chilean friends, and it is very easy to notice).

    summing up, Chile is a country of contrast, if you dont find your group and if you make people around hate you, they will and bully you until death. But if you are nice, and if you find friends, and you can make your job environment nice (which actually is not as hard as it may sound), then you will be happy and really enjoy the country and culture.

    And regarding culture, chilean music is amazing, it is hard to dig in to find it, but there is so much, just as like literature and paintings, so much talent, but so little acknowledgement.

    And nature… landscapes!!!! ohhh I miss them so much, I miss Santiago so badly, the mountains, the hills, and the places around, so much to do.

    1. Hey Eduardo,
      thanks for your insightful comment. As I have emailed you I found myself nodding all along. If you go to a foreign country people are different then you and I have to say I am sure the cultural shock is bigger for a Chilean going to Japan or for a European going to Japan then for a European or a N.American to go to Chile.

  30. Tony

    Chileans only care about surviving from paycheck to paycheck.The great majority of Chileans have an economic problem, which prevents them from having time or incentive to actually have friends.Plus if you add the classist things you can imagine social life is scarce and very monotonous in Chile.That is the truth I have lived here most of my life.

  31. gringo

    I googled on this and I started with my own country Sweden,then Russia,Poland. Holland, France. Ireland. Estonia. Germany. Lithuania etc. If somebody says hello to me I see it as good thing. Do you know this person? No.You say hallo to somebody.OK. I think people are fucked up everywhere because they have to drink alcohol to open their minds. A bottle of whine lasts a week for me and it is not every week I buy one but I never drink with other people.Never. Why should I expose my weakness to others. It is a way to clean the system in small amounts. If you smoke a joint with a person you can really open your shield and share and you just understand how stupid this world is.They say people in Northern Europe are unfriendly and not guest free but I find it is not true. When you get visited and visit other people at home you see other sides of people and it is a pity you seldom get invited by somebody in Southern Europe.Their friendship is a street friendship and nothing else. If you work 40 hours a week you might want to see other people when you are free from work.Some foreigners find this strange in my country. If you want to socialize with your neighbours you rent a flat in a small private house but then you also get all their problems and A loves B or C hates D and you can expect people knocking on your door all the time and all theese terrible alco and barbeque fiestas. Or you rent in a municipal house where you say hi to your neighbours and that is it. If you travel and want to see the real culture and meet new people travel alone with an open mind. Even better travel by bike then you will see how helpful and nice people are. If you are an immigrant you really have to make an effort and that is all. You have to ameliorate your social skills to get accepted in your new country.I have met a lot of people from Chile and they seem to be OK to me. I would like to visit Chile and I do not care about stupid cliches. I think 20% are nasty, 30% could bee, 30% could be good and 20% are good everywhere in the world.

    1. @Alex, you are generalising. I understand you had a very bad experience with a Chilena? But honesty as Gringo writes there are nice people in every country and there are nasty people in any country. I infact followed his experience and did a few google searches. Turns out to be quite funny.

      1. Alex

        On the contrary. Chile is the easiest country I have been to in terms of girls, without wanting to get lewd. Of course I met some nice Chileans and don’t think the country is an ‘inferno’ but the class system is so prominent that it seems to have created two sets of people. The ‘rich’ people/ normal Europeans who think they’re better than everyone else and the lower classes who seem to have an inferiority complex to more western looking people and foreigners. I also met quite a few Hitler sympathisers who invariably are the ones who still harp on about the Spanish ‘raping their land’, despite being from immigrant stock and doing more land raping than I’ve ever done and I’m British!

    2. Chris

      I completely agree.After living many years in Chile, the people are chronic bulliers and every chance they get they will try to backstab you.They are very insular people and their inner family are their only social life.Once in a blue moon there will be a stand out that will openly start a conversation, but that is very rare.I am more likely to have a conversation with an American than with a chilean.They are very frustrated people who only care about trying to go up on the social class.The majority of people have absolutely no idea what common courtesy or education is.They will push your grocery cart out of they way like animals do and will insult you without even thinking of the other persons feelings.As a society and culture, the chileans are grossly rude and secretly very angry people.They can also relate to their argentinian neighbors in being very arrogant and close-minded.Not worth the time or travel if you ask me and definetely on the overrated side.I suggest Brazil and Uruguay, much more friendly people and definetely more extrovertical and polite.

  32. Danny

    Try living there, you will soon see what Chileans are really like.An unfortunate set of people that happen to be a scar on its naturally beautiful landscape.

  33. william

    Well I dont know , ive been here 7 months and i think I will leave because of problems with my resident permit , etc . They are nice , polite ,sometimes too humble ,not aggresive , but some friendships I have made have been let down by, for instance , inviting a round of beer in a bar for 7 friends,and then they all go CHAO , and fuck off leaving me on my own with the bill , and their bill!,which in Ireland no one would do. They are lacking in culture and kiss each other too much on the the cheak ,copying the french,but they do it even if you havent seen them for half an hour !.Maybe they are the babyboomers of Pinoshit

  34. Cristian.

    It’s funny to read people from the US talking about xenophoby, discrimination or classism, aren’t you the ones who invaded Irak, had students shot dead at your own schools by other students and had different sitting areas in public places for african american people? don’t you call spicks, beaners, niggers, etc. to people different than you? When I started reading the comments on this blog I thought it was an interesting task to accomplish, it’s good to know how foreigners see you and be aware of the impression they have of our society, but I think some comments are rude, nasty and silly just as the features describing our collective personality in the very first lines of this blog. What it was supposed to be a forum for sharing different points of view became a place to insult and mock of people with pro and cons as anybody else in this fucking world. I agree with many of the bad things said about us, but seriuosly, the woman married to the chilean guy for 20 years? Donna if he and his family were so fucked up (which I think they were) why didn’t you leave him before? and Jeff I don’t really know why the hell are you here if you hate us so much? Jeff does the usual stupid things made by any regular moron: uses absolutes to describe: “most of the women are…? What are you, a mentalist? The thing is people write so many insulting things that it’s just hard to read them and not feeling aweful that some of these people work, live and share with chileans and then say these things about their colleagues or friends (talking about sincerity and dishonesty, Jeff?). Much of the words written sound so full of hate and displeaure that my only advice for those people is get the fuck out here and never come back!! to the rest I say, yes we have a lot to learn and do, we are a young country and many interesting things are happening in this moment, just remember that stupid people are everywhere. Something else, please stop talking about our “bad pronunciation” of the spanish language. There’s no such a thing as wrong pronunciation, that is our pronunciation, period. You will find different versions of this language just as you british do when going to america!!! To write that kind of comments reveals how ignorant are some expats when it comes to detect the differences between different cultures, Or do you expect us latinamericans to speak the same way everywhere??? Don’t you americans and europeans have accents or what?.
    Andre I appreciate your intention when writing this. I think it could be really helpful for tourists and expats and I think that’s the kind of things that people should write: useful information. It’s important to know about customes, food, culture. etc, and of course it is important to hear or read opinions wether good or bad, but cristicism hasn’t to be rude, there is no need to insult.

  35. Kammila

    I am US born to Chilean parents who immigrated to US in the 70s. I was raised among many different ethnicities here in the US (including many other Latins-Colombians, Argentines, Brazilians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans). Finally I made my first trip to Chile in my teens and have been twice more in adulthood. I have to say there are good things about the country it has beauty but I was met with so much disappointment and it affects how I view myself and my background. I detest the classism that exists and how the second question people ask you is what barrio you are from. I found much of my family there to be super pretentious and just talk about our German heritage. I found people in customer service positions to be just plain rude but when they found out I was a child of Chileans they warmed up? Driving is pure hell. It takes realistically at least 2 seconds for a driver to recognize and act to drive or brake with a street light change but in Chile in that first second when your brain is processing the light change there are 60 cars honking at you like crazy. Are you serious? You are all driving standard vehicles so calm the hell down. My husband who is not Chilean went with me on one visit. He estimated that the country had a high rate of suicides because of the enclosed feeling you have from the Andes. You feel trapped. The mountains are on one side and the water on the other. We looked it up and it’s true. There is a high rate of suicides there compared to other nations. We also considered how many great poets come from Chile for similar reasons such as Pablo Neruda and the feeling of nostalgia and sorrow in the air. My niece is growing up there and she just looks sad in all the pictures I see of her. While topography of the country plays a role in the mindset of Chileans, my husband and I also discussed that these behaviors are products of the dictatorship. Being closed in and reserved…being considered closed minded, dressing plainly not taking risks remaining conservative. The political history has taken its effect. So while it makes me cringe to see all of these terrible comments about Chile I know that some if not all are true. But I take the good with the bad. Hopefully Chile & Chilenos will evolve and become more open minded and just happy life. I have resolved that my last trip to Chile should last me a good while and I won’t go back until I have to.

  36. Linda

    I wished my Mother who passed away almost two years ago a Happy Mother’s Day on twitter and a Chilean unfollowed me for it. So it proves that Chileans are rude and nasty. Maybe not all but the one I knew on twitter is.

    1. Let me get this straight… one chilean does a mean thing, so all chileans are mean? you are so closed minded, it makes me want to cry. my faith in humanity has been lost

  37. Mario

    Well, I came to Chile after leaving in different countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica). By far Chile is perhaps the most organised country in Latin America or at least in Las Condes as I believe Chile has 2 faces. I came with my partner (Australian) and sadly the fact of me being in a gay relationship has significantly ruined my time here. I don’t tell the whole world I’m gay but If I get ask the name of my wife and children only because I’m 33, then in a polite way I always rectify these people and tell them that is not she but he. I have taken de decision to leave this country after living here in the last 6 months. I believe that people such as cleaners, taxi drivers, waiters, etc (professions that some Chileans believe they are inferior) are extremely lovely and nice people. But on the other hand people that leave in El Golf where I live are absolutely rude, ignorant and arrogant.

    Chilean or at least people in Santiago don’t have the warmth of people in the rest of Latin America. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this place to live particularly if you happen to be gay, disable, black or something that this people consider different as they love looking in a very uncomfortable way. I understand that the countries I mentioned above have many problems but in my experience they more advance in the way they think.

    1. Valentina

      I am chilean (sadly) and I’m getting the hell out of here, as soon as I can (hopefully next year, I will graduate from Med school in January). I couldn’t really write everything I hate about this place, but there’s one word that can resume it all: chileans. My dad’s family is from Italy, my mom’s has Irish roots and I was raised at a german school. Unluckily, I was born here. But no one can make me feel chilean.

  38. Juan Antonio

    I’m chilean. While there are some things about the national character well represented here, I don’t think it’s as bad as some put it.

    Seriously, if you are still hanging out with the psychopathic new rich or power-trip junior finance guy in El Golf, stop right now. Most of us aren’t like that. I was private schooled and all that (kinda well off family), many of these people were my classmates back then.

    Might sound cliche, but picture a broken family keeping up appearances, trophy wife, kids raised by stay at home nanas (not gonna lie, I also had one at times because both of my parents worked, but in the other cases their mom was all day at home too!), always arguing against any tax increase, abortion (because they are oh so catholic, even opus dei), yet they are really rotten on the inside but keep on preaching how moral they are. I think that was 30-40% of the families in school. The rest of us were pretty normal and moderated though! It’s also getting better, they are less than in the 90s, trust me.

    Now, I don’t think the shyness or “stoicism” qualifies as a bad trait. I always talk to foreigners, but I can see why many chileans wouldn’t. It’s a combination of not fancying some small talk (something gringos always seem eager to, which I like, but many europeans don’t for example) and that most here don’t speak english (“I can’t talk to this person! why even bother?”).

    In other cases, like a person who breaks the mould, there’s a insecurity for whatever’s different than the norm, often answered by weird looks. I say keep pushing. Once they get past the initial reaction (which I think is natural, it happens in many countries with little exposure to other cultures), either people will still like you or you’ll weed out the assholes right away.

    Might be the upbringing, but while I lean on the pro-market side of economic policies (except on public services like education), I think reform to end the rampant inequality is long overdue. The current government seems to be finally tackling the core issue, the tax incentive and education system, but it’s yet to be seen how it all works out.

    Sorry if I don’t make any sense, it’s 6am right now over here, and also for the overuse of parentheses.

  39. Cris

    Jeff and other ‘ haters ‘ of beautiful Chile…if you hate Chile so much, its such an awful place for you (maybe you live in the ghetto like a poor rat…is that Chilenos fault?) go back to your little 4×4 row houses next to the rail road track and keep drinking until you are red-faced drunk at your local ‘ pub ‘ stuffing down your tasteless fish and chips…and Shut the fuck up about a country you clearly have never visited. All the other ridicolous comments come from, no doubt, Peruvians, Bolivians and other haters, small countries who only lurk in Chile’s shadow as their socities still have no running water or electricity…stop hating, and you should emulate Chile in order to provide a better life for your citizens. Viva Chile.

  40. Cris


    I am quite dissappointed by the ‘ low level ‘ of discussion at your blog…this has turned into a place to try to put Chile and Chileans down…no one claims Chileans are perfect, but this hate and name calling is uncalled for. As a moderator, you should take control and clean this up, otherwise by your inactions, you are promoting this hate, which I believe is not what you are out to do…enough said.

    1. you certainly add to the “low level discussion” as is clearly visible by this comment: http://andreinchile.com/2010/08/27/chileans/#comment-14727
      Look, i was interested in the opinion of others, not that I expected that 5 years after publication people would still come here and comment. It is however interesting.

      A highlight was the comment from Gringo:

      I googled on this and I started with my own country Sweden,then Russia,Poland. Holland, France. Ireland. Estonia. Germany. Lithuania etc. If somebody says hello to me I see it as good thing. Do you know this person? No.You say hallo to somebody.OK. I think people are fucked up everywhere because they have to drink alcohol to open their minds.

      Or Eduardos comment (the Chilean living in Japan)


      1. Pily

        I agree. We are very shy and quiet people, maybe these people do not understand our personality. But I do not agree the comments about my country.

        Also there are so many haters who are peruvians, etc.

        Moreover, there is a guy saying that “Chileans girls are the easiest” Come on, andree, moderate your forum.


      2. carlos2.s@sfds.com

        Do not remove this post! Chileans NEED to know what Europeans and Americans think about them.

  41. andres

    I am a chilean living in south africa, and I want to say some stuff I feel I have discovered about my own culture when I contrast with south africans and europeans (there is a lot of europeans and european culture here, for those who have not been)

    I feel there are many coments here which talk about chile but are actually talking about Santiago. Santiago, the north of Chile and the south of chile are like 3 different countries in terms of culture. South of chile is the closest to paradise you will ever see and their people are the closest thing to angels you will ever find. North of chile is also pretty cool but you WILL find more nasty people there than in the south. Now, Santiago, has more than half of the population of the whole country and yes, we santiaguinos are fucking nasty. We call our city Santiasco (the word Santiago and disgust mixed together)

    I will try to keep it short and elaborate on what i mean> Santiaguinos are proud of our nastyness, we like living in a city that is hostile because it makes us feel we are stronger in some way. However we are good people deep inside, the problem comes when we feel any kind of threat, then our defenses go up in a split of a second, and let me tell you those defenses can be quite high. We do not have the same “politeness standards” most of the rest of the world has, specially different from northern and eastern european standards. We don’t like overly nice people because we interpret this as someone who is fake and not genuine. Thus we treat eachother in such a harsh way, we are trying to show the other person we are being completely transparent and genuine. This is where many of the misunderstandings I have read on your blog I think come from, like the story about buying drinks for a group of chileans and then they all leaving. They surely thought it was a lame attitude.

    Going even further I want to state DONT come to chile if what you are looking for is super polite sophisticated people, you are in the wrong place. Come here if you are a hardcore traveler because the weather, geography and the people you will find here are pretty hardcoreish. What you can expect to find here is a country which was pretty much an island for many hundreds of years being separated by the andes mountain from the rest of the world until the aviation revolution made it easy for people to travel to and from Chile. This had Chile in a cultural isolation for a very long time. You can also find here a country that has a very strong set of values, which has enabled us to be hard workers and have objectively the best economy in the region and the highest rate of literacy in the region, and even higher than the states. Economically speaking we do have better income distribution rates and higher per capita income than the rest of the latin american countries.

    The lack of culture and identity let, I would say, mainly to two things> we are very opened to every culture that comes from abroad, including the states, argentina, europe, brasil, peru etc. We are the country with the most ammount of free trade agreements in the world. We love peruvian food and we incorporate it in our diet every chance we get. We love argentinian and US rock and roll. We love hip hop, skateboard culture, surfing, anything that comes from brasil, the clothes from europe, and in general anything we can absorbe from abroad we will soak it up like a sponge, being material goods or culture.

    Our culture can be summed up in being extremely transparent and dont follow any politeness protocols you might think are worldly accepted because in chile they DONT WORK. Show yourself transparent, be fun and joke arround as much as you can, be crazy if necessary and you will be all right. Keep your european, US, or any kind of mind set you bring and expect people to be nice at you and I promise you will get bullyed. In the chilean culture you can find the most loyal friends you may encounter in your life.

    Stay away from assholes who might look like good people but have weird behaviors, we are trying to get rid of them but is taking us some time. They DO exist though. Dont go smiling arround, its a harsh city and being nice up front will be interpreted as being feak and weak. Keep it real, enjoy the perubian restaurants which are all over the place. Enjoy nature, and most of all, seek for cool laid back on-purposely-poor-looking people, those are the ones you are looking for, you will not regreat :)

    PS. don’t come to south africa if you are not northern european, specially not to cape town. Do you want to see some real narrow minded fake ass snobs? I dare you to come here

  42. Max

    I find Chileans to be rude and malicious.They are bad people who have no education and are ignorant on an international basis.Chileans are not friendly people and every chance they have they will stab you in the back.Not worth the visit or time.Trust me, after living in Chile for more than 10 years I can guarantee you will not regret avoiding coming to this inferno.Boring, shy but rude people who only want to take advantage of you.Go anywhere but Chile….

  43. Mgrammar

    I’m so sorry to read what you have said about my country. I must admit some Chileans are nasty, rude……etc, but there are always friendIy and unfriendy people wherever you may go.
    I hope lots of Chileans have read what you posted, so that they can change their negative behaviour towards people in general.

    Greetings from Chile

  44. Ryan

    I agree with the Chile haters, a very overrated country with boring rude people.Too expensive and ugly people, people in Chile don’t know the definition of education.Instead the Chileans are envious, resentful and secretly very angry.They are also the kings of smokers in Latin America, as if their filthy smog isn’t enough.I recommend ANYPLACE other than that stinkin inferno.

  45. francisco

    Andre, gracias por este esclarecedor intercambio de ideas y prometo de ahora en mas jamás volver a ayudar a un puto gringo.

    1. TJ

      Es divertido que menciona “ayudando a un gringo”. Un ejemplo es cada vez que pido ayuda en ubicar una direccion or edificio etc, un chileno, 9 veces en 10, en vez de decir “no lo ubico” casi siempre inventa una ruta como “ah si, siga derecho un par de cuadras” o “a la vuelta debe estar” etc etc. Casi siempre es mentira! Por alguna razon no quiere decir “no se”! Yo no se si es por verguenza no saber o porque les gusta huevear a un extranjero? Bueno, para mi, ya no pregunto! Me compre un GPS!

  46. Paula

    I’m a chilean. And all I’m reading here is about Santiago! You guys are describing it so well. We hate santiaguinos. I traveled through the country, also argentina, Uruguay and Italy, here’s what I think: all I can say is that capital inhabitants tend to behave that way (Bs Aires, Montevideo…) People from “provincia” as they call us, are 800% nicer because we don’t have a”barrio” culture. Cities are smaller so it’s geographically difficult for that to happen. Take the time to visit Punta Arenas for example and you will understand. But I can relate and understand your experiences: cuicos behave that way you describe. And cuicos are roughly 3% Sentémonos a hablar a la once con un pan con palta ok? Im chilean, I’m nice, I’m patologicaly shy -like clinical condition!, I never ever stabbed someone’s back but I’ve seen people done it -who doesn’t…- I work my ass of! Not lazy. But yeah I like to rest if I work 48 hours/week… My first friends weren’t chileans, I met lots of immigrants from Southamerica, Australia and refugees during the Kosovo conflict who arrived to my city I’m the next generation man, 20+yo …we are different!! -Shyness level infinite- Oh I got mails addresses from all my US friends during my adventures BUT 50% were bad written! I can’t reach you!!
    You claim to be open minded and all I read here are narrow points of view lol and I’m maybe half the age of half of you Think about it… bye :)

    1. Fernando

      First time post
      Is it just me, but I find it very difficult to get used to the lack of, what I call, common decencies when you have Chileans residing with you as In law relatives.

      Let me explain:

      We have a nice home and, when our new guests arrived 2 years ago, no comment whatsoever was made even by small talk, about our house. Still hasn’t…. Even to this day.

      If my wife and I prepare a nice meal to save our guests from having to cook, it is like pulling teeth to even get any acknowledgment.

      If we buy some small gift for them, sometimes we do not even get a polite thank you..

      What is this. It almost makes me feel that I should cut out all these little things but that is not who I am.

      We are really trying to understand and cope with these troubling culture differences and we love our guests dearly but are finding it more and more challenging to live in harmony without having to change our own (trying to be super nice) ways

  47. fernando

    First time post
    Is it just me, but I find it very difficult to get used to the lack of, what I call, common decencies when you have Chileans residing with you as In law relatives.

    Let me explain:

    We have a nice home and, when our new guests arrived 2 years ago, no comment whatsoever was made even by small talk, about our house. Still hasn’t…. Even to this day.

    If my wife and I prepare a nice meal to save our guests from having to cook, it is like pulling teeth to even get any acknowledgment.

    If we buy some small gift for them, sometimes we do not even get a polite thank you..

    What is this. It almost makes me feel that I should cut out all these little things but that is not who I am.

    We are really trying to understand and cope with these troubling culture differences and we love our guests dearly but are finding it more and more challenging to live in harmony without having to change our own (trying to be super nice) ways

  48. Alec

    Chileans are envious , resentful and secretly very angry among other things.They are also chronic bulliers.It is unfortunately the norm to treat the other person like garbage in Chile.Horrible country, rude ugly Indians.

  49. carlos2.s@sfds.com

    Chile is a classist country. Chileans tend to think that their universities are the best in the world, however, no big invention has ever aroused down there. An engineer major will last, (read twice) roughly 8 years as professors enjoy failing students. I’m not racist, but I believe Chilean culture is inferior. Don’t come here.

  50. Sara

    To cathegorize people only by the place their live is racism, shows nothing good but people filled with rage and malice. If you have a problem with someone, regarless the country this person is from: first: look at yourself; second: if you still think the other person is wrong: talk to that person and try to get along.
    Generalize and categorize people by country only talks bad about the person that is writing the comment.
    Lest work to have a better world and avoid maling comments that bring anything more that hate and resentment. Although everyone has the right to speak, not everyone deserves to be listened.
    From: a chilean

  51. James

    I totally agree. I am living in the UK, and I won`t dare to make any coment like the ones I have read. Regardless my experience have had ups and downs, to generalize denotes not great intelligence.. even less when you do it by country..

  52. 2 years living here and I can say that Chilean culture is quite easily digested if you know how to act and how to deal with them.
    I wouldn’t trust most Chileans although I have come across very honest ones – generally the default is not to trust until you know you can. Example: They will offer to sell something for you but will ask for a higher price and keep the change! Chileans don’t even trust other Chileans so that says alot.
    Generally very friendly and helpful esp. if you are learning Spanish (although they will always correct you….always)…..they will make an effort (which is more I can say for Brazil….practically no-one speaks English, it’s almost like a disease).
    Very good at smiling and being friendly but don’t always take that on face value…..too much devotion is a sign of a thief! More smiling generally means there is more going on behind the scenes!
    There are some annoying habits like everyone is late and no-one thinks about how they’re actions affect others (until it’s pointed out) but if you are calm, friendly and patient and don’t show outward aggression then generally you will fit in.

  53. Nic

    IIMHO the experience of most of the English-speaking tourists and expats in Chile is dealing with the Chilean upper and middle-upper class. There is an huge difference between us and them, and since they are a small portion of Chilean society you can’t get an accurate picture just from them. Also, as other comments have pointed out, Santiago is completely different to other parts of Chile.
    The same happens everywhere with capitals: people is quite rude in big cities. I used to live in London, and I couldn’t find the mentioned “driver politeness” there, but I have seen it in other places through the UK (specially in Scotland).


  54. smaegol

    I think everyone is being really harsh here. It’s a different culture and maybe you’ve just met the wrong people. I lived in Chile for 8 months and I agree that generally the people are more reserved. I think Argentineans were more warm and open when you first met them, they don’t hide anything. But I’ve also met very extroverted
    Chileans. So they do let their opinion known because Freedom of speech is so important to them after the dictatorship. The only really rude woman I met was one who worked at a bus company in La Serena. I just wanted to ask when whether I missed the last bus, when was the next one. She ignored everyone because she was done for the day and pretended she couldn’t hear all the questions. I was distressed because I had all my bags etc with me and hadn’t booked accomodation for that night. Anyway another Chilean had my back and bitched about her. She said something like “What a disgrace, this girl is a foreigner and you won’t even answer her question etc” So I kind of like ithow people speak their mind at times haha. I’ve met really generous Chileans. I was living in Ovalle for 4 months and maybe they’re nicer in the country. I think another time I was on the Metro and I fell asleep. But I heard this middle aged women bitching about me because she was standing. She said something like “I don’t know what they do in her country..” anyway she was clearly complaining about me to another woman that I didn’t want to give my seat up after hearing that. Normally I would give my seat up to the elderly but I fell asleep! Anyway she could have just woke me up and asked but nooo. But this happens in cities everywhere. I just had to remind myself “it’s a different culture” whenever I got annoyed like organising a night out with my Santiago friends. They talk on facebook or Whatsappfor hours before finally deciding where to go. It usually was The Clinic in Nuñoa because they all live around there. When I tried to organise for them to go to Bellavista someone ended up changing it to some bar in Manuel Montt grr. That was frustrating and I know they can be pretty unreliable. But I just had to get used to it and say #Chile in all those situations. Why can I never get a consistently warm shower in Chile? #Chile haha. Now I’m ranting but there are some generous and warm people too. Some lady in Puerto Natales gave me a discount on this bag I bought after I talked to her about her jerk ex Australian boyfriend lol. I do remember on a flight from Patagonia to Santiago this young mum with a baby and a toddler sat in my seat and it turned out she was in the wrong
    row and just sat wherever she wanted. I was annoyed but I felt like I couldn’t tell her kid to move because she was so young and probably would cry. But I wanted the window seat grr. The other two people felt bad about asking her to move too so she got away with it grrr. Now I wish I did tell her that her child was sitting in my seat instead of just sitting on the aisle seat. Selfish 20 something year old with 2 kids to two different men (probably) # Chile. Also I have to say I’ve never seen so much public humping/sucking each others face in any other country. Get a room people I hate seeing you roll around in parks having sex. Don’t get me started on the kissing right next to me in packed in on the metro. Too much! Save it for the bedroom. Again cultural difference, quirks of life in Chile. Anyway if you don’t like it, don’t live there. I am back in my home country and I actually miss partying in Chile because it’s so expensive in Sydney, Chile is much more affordable in comparison. I definitely met some really lovely Chileans too so I don’t like to generalise and say they’re all rude. There are annoying people in every country. I miss going out for dinner and drinks not costing 3500 pesos per standard glass of wine/beer or more. Public transport doesn’t cost

  55. alex

    I would like to say that Chileans in general well not all but in general are really gossipers,cheaters and envious people , I have travelled in most south american country this is so far the worst and wins by far in terms of gossip,chileans will disagree maybe because they dont see how they are themselves and too much close minded to accept that its by far the TRUTH, aside from the fact they are gossipers there are many lazy people here too they would rather chit chats even their houses are dirty doesnt matter ,one great example is you usually will see women just outside the house talking to their neighbors and smoking talking about their complains about another person and so on .. there is no perfect country or perfect people all over the world but here in chile ……HANDS down really because in terms of gossip ,laziness, arrogance, chileans wins in general , i repeat.in general not saying everyone and each of chilean but just in general , you know what i mean .. also agree they have poor standards , waiters are rude ,bad food in general again .. breakfast is same as dinner .. always bread in general .. bread and butter in the morning usually .. and again bread and butter again at night or with a touch of jam to be fancy (thats already fancy according to them ) sometimes bread and egg and in the summer times lots of tomato dip for the bread as your dinner if i remember they call it chancho piedra , it is basically diced or crushed tomato on a mortar and pestle (its like our dip for corn chips ) is what i ate every single night, for chileans its already dinner but they call their dinner once (tea time) tea time means they should eat light at night so you dont get fat or have health complications .. but seriously my tummy felt so bad bec this is what i ate every single night because of the acidity,, bread is not even a healthy diet if speaking of eating light at night .. chileans think bread at night is light but they dont understand its also carb just as the rice or pasta .. what im saying is , its not a balance meal .. can you imagine eating it everynight? there comes a point i couldnt take it anymore so when i got a chance to move out of a chilean host i was so happy i could finally eat real dinner comfort food .. when i used to be with my chilean host i wasnt really eating healthy .. i even buy fast food sometimes because of hunger .. but i couldnt complain , i have to suck up the culture while being with them its ok anyway because you discover about other way of living .. it made me cry before and thought of the things i thought i have taken for granted back home .. since im talking about the food .. here in chile when you want to find a restaurant its not really authentic food . please to all the chilean readers might read my comment im not talking a restaurant with fancy expensive food , i just want authentic comfort simple food but it doesnt exist here , maybe it does but where i just couldnt find a place … most food here even you are at a restaurant are fast food ..always french fries or what they call completo.completo is chileans pride food its basically hotdog in a bun with lots and lots of mayonnaise and tomato and avocado .. mayonnaise is very typical here its huge to chileans and they eat it with everything like potato chips too or even with the rice or pasta! well thats what i mostly found in chilean restaurant completo and fries sometimes mash potato with chicken or meat or fish .. in here they like their fish always fried so if you are health conscious it might be hard for you to live in chile the food here is really bad unless you prepare dish for your own .. but sometimes when you want to go in a night out well im telling you its hard to really find authentic restaurant .. everything is mainly fast food like mcdonalds and take note it is even dramatically expensive

  56. Daniela

    I lived with some chileans in Europe and it was the worst period of my life. What an unfriendly bunch. All they could do was badmouth the place they were living and gossip around. They even said that there was nothing funnier than gossip. They spread some nasty stories about people who had done nothing to them, just for the sake of it. I’ve lived in three countries and I’ve never met people so insecure that all they can do to feel better is to put others down. No wonder Santiago has one of the world’s highest rates of depression. It must be sick to live among such negative, obnoxious people.

  57. Héctor

    The comments… mess. I don’t know what some of you expected from Chile, but I don’t know if you guys live in a bubble -probably- but in every country there’s nice people and not so nice. Besides our cultural differences, we are human beings, and we are all different. It’s funny to read comments like “oh, I live with some Chileans and they were so rude, or the family of my husband is so arrogant and rude, blah, blah”, so, if I go to the US, UK, or whatever and stay with nasty, rude, xenophobic people, I should say that the whole people of the country is nasty, rude, xenophobic people? ARE YOU SERIOUS? We are 17 fucking million here, how are we going to be all the same, just think about it, you guys just have a bad experience, that’s it. In your country you probably have meet nasty people of your own nationality, but not for that, you’re going to think that they are all rude, is fucking common sense. I don’t think you guys live in your countries always happy and never have a problem with someone… well, maybe if you guys are a little bit delusional, could be the case, and that’s how some of you sound in the comments to be honest. We know that this isn’t a perfect country, we know that some people here are very classist, and a little percentage of the population denied our mixed origins because they thing that being European is the best, but hey, stupid people are everywhere, right? I don’t think that Donald Trump is Chilean, just saying. Use common sense!, don’t came with your bigot, close minded attitude to judge a country by things that happen everywhere.

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