Modern Design furniture in Chile?

Liz and I need some furniture but we have our own style and taste. It is for our rented apartment and probably only temporary. Anyone in Chile who knows a good carpenter? I am a little bit spoilt since my brother produces and designs furniture in Austria. We certainly want to engage him but we will do so when we buy our property. Meanwhile we are looking for a good carpenter in Chile. Any ideas?

Here is one of the pictures found on my brothers website. Click through to visit the site.

simple message

If you never did a first aid course – do one now (!)

If you ever did a first aid course – do another one (!)

If you did 2 first aid courses (like me) in your life do a third one (!)

You never know – it might be to save a relative of yours – or just a complete stranger who happens to have an accident next to you….

A Question To Gordon Brown And David Cameroon Regarding Environmental Changes

Today I finally visited David Cameron’s Site, webcameron, a fantastic idea to keep in touch with the population I believe.

I asked 2 questions which I also want to ask Gordon Brown so I will publish them here. If I get a response I will publish them here.

The questions:

this is the first time I am visiting your website. I have heard many times about it and I think it is great you are listening to the inhabitants :)

What is your view (and the view of the Conservatives) on new high speed trains like the Maglev cutting rail travel time dramatically between London – Glasgow – Liverpool – Manchester etc? more info for the readers here: UK Ultraspeed 

Also I am very interested in Passive Houses. Are you planning any grants for people who want to build environmentally friendly. A Passive house needs less then the energy of 10 tea lights to keep at a cosy 20C if the outside temperature is 12C. If yes what do these grants look like?

Thanks for listening and I am hoping for a reply.
My personal Weblog  My environmental blog (only just starting)

Gordon, I would be delighted if you or a representative of yours could also answer these questions for the labor party.

PS: I will be asking those questions on my blogs to Gordon and yourself and am hoping for an answer from both of you – thanks in advance