File sharing? WHY…? check these alternatives

File sharing was yesterday – now we are entering Web 2.5. Have you ever thought of using search engines to find your favourite tracks?

Here is an extract of the original article from Samuel Van Erden:
“……Much like p2p programs, mp3 search engines allow you to find almost any song . . . if you just know where to look. Here’s a hint: don’t use altavista’s audio search feature (in fact, don’t EVER use altavista)! If I’m tired of hearing random tracks on an internet radio station, I just click over to, which is a search engine that uses Google to find music files. For more popular songs—if you’re into the top 40 stuff (I’m not)—a site like ‘index of music’ ( ) will usually have you covered. And if they don’t, there’s always a dozen other sites to check out. CyberWyre ( ) has got a following, though the search tool can be a hassle sometimes, so there are always the sites that have a monstrous database of music hosted. 3PM ( ) falls into that category, as does I recommend sticking with search engines, though, as you get a much wider variety of results, and have the ability to pick and choose between songs and get the ones with the best quality. The google look-alike (and sound-alike) is a great choice……”

THANKS SAMUEL…americanchronicle original article by Samuel Van Eerden

This is an example of using the site g2p I entered The rolling stones and here is the output – Make sure you use a current Anti Virus Programm though – I use the Free Antivir

2 thoughts on “File sharing? WHY…? check these alternatives

  1. teenwriter

    Thanks for citing my article; I appreciate it very much. I just wanted to let people know that there are alternatives out there. p2p software is powerful, but–alas–illegal, and a lot of people would welcome a LEGAL way to get free music…if they only knew.

    Which is why I wrote the article.

    -Samuel Van Eerden

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