..and I thought I had left TALKTALK behind me….

….I spoke to my mum by phone today. She was telling me about my granddad. At 76 he decided to go for broadband. She had been telling me this 4 months ago but I thought everything went smoother. Guess what – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – he decided to go with TALKTALK and is not yet connected. He was soo lucky to get through to Customer Services but that was it. Apparently they were very rude to him. Guess what, he is still offline!!!


I just think it is not easy for a young person to cope with the Carphone Warehouse, see the amazing Blog of Tiffany TALKTALK HELL In fact my friend Paul was telling me yesterday he had switched to TALKTALK and the connection speed is 80k when he manages to get connection. As a reminder here is my first post on Talk TALK taking them to court

another talktalkblog is the one from Oliver Brown, and Daniel Wykes is asking for everyone to sign the petition for a better customer service 🙂

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