TALK TALK On the 29/09/06 Cullin issued a summons through the small claims court in Poole Dorset……

…from the money savings expert forum…. 

quoting the 1982 Supply of Goods and Services Act alleging that T/Talk had failed to provide reasonable care and skill in executing their side of the agreement.At no time did Cullin stop paying or threaten to break the agreement Cullin asked for £500.00 plus £50 costs. This he have been awarded plus interest. He does not have the money yet but do have the uncontested judgement. Will keep you informed.
P.S. Trading Standards Officer MOST HELPFUL. DON’T GRUMBLE ACT! read more on The Money savings expert forum

The reason I found this is because someone had linked to my previous blog post TAKING TALKTALK to court –

click here to read it with a zeeero instead of the 0

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