A Credit Card kept 300 miles away from me in the HSBC bank branch

Since 3 years I don´t live in Cheltenham anymore. That is where my HSBC branch is (normally good service). Now HSBC headquarter sends my Credit Card to the branch (for security reasons) then I get a letter I could pick up my card there. Do I need this card? No clash back on purchases APR 18% or more the answer is NO – so I tried to cancel it via SECURE Message – Here is the answer 😉 So I will receive yet another letter from my branch telling me to travel 300 miles to Cheltenham to pick up a NOT COMPETITIVE credit card…..


Case Number: 4190768
Dear Mr

Account Number: 4546 3**0 **** 0380
Thank you for your e-mail dated 29 October regarding the closure of your Visa Card account.
I am sorry, your account cannot be closed using this e-mail service. To close your account please write to:
HSBC Card Services
365 Chartwell Square
SS99 2UU
The account will be closed as soon as we receive your written request. You will receive a letter confirming the account closure.
Thank you for your past custom.
Please e-mail me if you have any more queries.
Kind regards
Anu R* (name deleted for privacy) 
Customer Services Team
HSBC Card Services

bank bad customer service HSBC credit card cancel by secure message

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3 thoughts on “A Credit Card kept 300 miles away from me in the HSBC bank branch

  1. J Tan

    Ugh. i just got off the phone with a guy with a very thick indian accent. my cc account was closed in 2006 w/o me knowing it. and via the secure msg i was told to call xx number to have it reopen.
    and guess what, the guy told me i can’t do it over the phone, have to write a LETTER to them. my god! a LETTER? what happen to email??
    i havent use my card since 2005 as i have been moving alot and got the local bank cc.

    sorry.. just need to vent out the frus.
    p/s: guy was rude and impatient. :(((

  2. @ Jerome / yep agree. The world is becoming mobile
    @ J Tan, sorry to hear / You are probably quicker signing up for another card online. Just did so at nationwide and was very surprised that they did not even want to see me nor any form of id… 🙂

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