Is Skype a rip off?

I use Skype daily and I love it BUT.. If I see things like the following this might change.

0,518 EUR for 1 Minute and 5 seconds……!!!!????? This was not a premium rate number this was just a normal Mobile phone.

 UPDATE: I received an answer from skype support 14 days!!! after my first e-mail to them. Skype says:

“The problem you experienced was temporary and should be fixed now. Your connection fee was not double charged as initially shown
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please review your Call List to see a list of all calls you have made and their corrected costs.”

UPDATE number 2: baring in mind that update number 1 seems correct. This is the second answer of my mail from March 2nd received on March 20th:

“As of January 18th Skype changed the pricing structure for SkypeOut calls. The new pricing structure now includes a call connection fee for SkypeOut calls. This fee will be 0 – 0,039 € per call (exclusive of VAT) and is effective from 13:00 CET on January 18th 2007.
In most European and other countries a connection fee is normal in everyday calling costs and to make our charges more understandable we have adapted the pricing in a way consumers normally look at pricing.”

!!! I don’t like these changes because this means skype is getting expensive!!!! If you are interested in skype for leisure use you should  check out Jajah and / or Voipbuster

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2 thoughts on “Is Skype a rip off?

  1. I have been using skype for over a year now and calling mobiles has always cost between .20 and .22 euros …………. still cheaper than using my mobile especially when abroad or calling some one abroad!

  2. thanks for your input Soloman. Question: 0.518 E for 1 minute and 5 seconds. this is a price of 0.49 E per minute. I know connection charge etc. but it clearly seems like a) an error or b) a rip off

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