stay away from WAYN (WAYN.COM) bad practices – FRAUD


Please read the correspondence regarding this company and their bank robbery:


Dear Sir or Madame,
please refund the GBP 23.88 taken from my credit card. I have not authorized this and have NOT agreed to auto renewal. I never agree to AUTO RENEWAL.
Thank you very much for your help. I have seen that you include: “Due to the costs involved in processing transactions, and the great low price of the membership fee we are unable to offer refunds of membership upgrades. Please refer to the
Terms & Conditions for further advice on the acceptable use of WAYN.”
Although this cannot be for customers who have never agreed to automated renewal. If unsuccessful of course I will do a cash back claim on my Credit Card. Thanks a lot for your help and all the best for your future business


The response from WAYN.

The auto renewal function on your account was turned on, as per the renewal terms that you agreed when upgrading your membership.
We have not received any correspondence from you prior to your renewal, requesting your full membership account to be downgraded and as a result, will not be able to provide you with a refund on this occasion. If, however, you did email us prior to your renewal date, please forward to us proof of this correspondence and we will be happy to provide you with a full refund on your renewal payment.
Since you upgraded and agreed to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and renewal terms that form part of the agreement when signing up, you have been able to take advantage of full membership access. Your opt-in to these terms is required as part of the upgrade process and is clearly stated on the page where you submit your credit card details and confirm payment. This ensures that you are able to enjoy uninterrupted full membership service. In addition, we sent you an email 14 days prior to your membership term expiring, notifying you that your account will be renewed in line with the renewal terms that you agreed to upon joining, along with instructions on how to downgrade your account if required. (I never ever received a reminder).

Besides most members appear to be inactive anyway.


UPDATE – see here a msn conversation I had with a friend:

Her: Yes of course that will be nice.:) I forgot to say are you not on WAYN anymore ?
Me: no… – WAYN ripped me of
Me: I was a VIP member so WAYN took 24 pounds out of my account for the following year.
Me: I wrote I do not want this and they said – sorry wont (cant) refund
Me: so i did a charge back and deleted my WAYN account – no more wayn
Her: Did you ! ha ha good for you, they did that to me once……my account was on an automatic renewal or something ……I was not pleased!
Me: yeah – they claimed to have e-mailed me 14 days before – but this is not true.. i checked and also checked my spam folder – it is so easy using Gmail
Her: mmmmm naughty WAYN eh….I don’t really use it anymore bit bored of it.
Me:yep – make sure your WAYN account it is not on automatic renewal 😉


38 thoughts on “stay away from WAYN (WAYN.COM) bad practices – FRAUD

  1. nn-lie

    hey, that’s not true! Firstly – before you made a payment you should read carefully terms &condition, Second – nobody told you to mark autorenewal option during the payment process. so it’s only your false!!!

  2. Thanks nn-lie for reading my blog and for leaving comments. To clarify…. I did not receive a message 2 weeks before the auto renewal as stated in the terms and conditions. I can prove this since I have GMAIL and with their powerful search function you would even find if an e-mail landed in the spam folder. My second mail to WAYN was ignored. I asked for refund (for something I did not consume but is in the future) but did not receive it… So there was only 1 way out. To do a claim with my credit card company Morgan Stanley and to write this blog article to warn other consumers…..

  3. Steve

    Thats your own fault if you cant read – all sites have these type of auto billing – so your allegations seems badly founded – and I find their customer support response fairly well written- you should consider yourself happyto have a response – these days, there are so many sites that cant even bother to respond!

  4. … and again Steve, thanks for your message. I will explain again.. 🙂 In the T&C it is stated that I will receive an e-mail 2 weeks before WAYN deducts money. Also the payment is for services which are in the future (1 year service).. This means – I did not yet use the service. Baring that in mind I can only warn from joining their VIP service. I gave them (you?) the chance to solve it before writing on my blog about the service.

  5. n0comment, don’t even reply to commenters like this. fraudulent companies like wayn running scams like this pay agenicies to scrub the internet looking for critical blogs (like yours) and consumer watchdog sites, forums, etc.; when found they quickly post counternothingness to present a seemingly placated population that is happy with the service. its useless to reply to them – try using the same tactics and just delete the comments altogether. trust me, they’re bollocks.

  6. I’m not from WAYN and i STILL say read, check, read and check again…

    I have several services that use auto-renew for my customers, and 99.999% of them are able to read and follow instructions to turn auto-renew on and off.

    As to the email they claim they sent, I back you on that one – I use Gmail as well, and the search functions are second to none in a email program…

  7. Hi Shades,
    thanks for your very constructive feedback. As the signing up to WAYN was more than a year ago I do not exactly recall the interface. The reason I am feeling ripped of is because I have to pay for a service I did not and will not consume. I have acted in the hour of receiving the renewal confirmation claiming that I am not interested in this renewal. Also it is stated in Wayns T&C that they would inform by e-mail which they did not do. Since this post is online I have heared of a number of occasions like mine. Thanks again Shade for reading and commenting.

  8. Absolutely, these “you can’t read” posters are shills working for web-scrubbing companies. It’s easy to check out the IPs, but really, why bother? Why would total strangers comment on your page just to bitch at you for not liking a website? Nobody effin cares either way except those who are paid to care.

    It’s not logical that so many posts would simply refute you and claim 99.99% satisfaction, if they’re only happy users. They’d just do what most people do and say “oh sorry that happened to you, but I was aware of blah blah…” or simply “i like using it, met my wife.” That takes too much time. These people are paid only a few dollars per page so they are NOT going to take the time to write a full paragraph.

    They have no story because they are the human equivalent of ‘bots. Paid to shill the internet. Paid to rate companies as five stars on angieslist, review sites, et al. Paid to loudly attack anyone who says “I don’t like XYZ company.”

    The IP numbers tell the truth. You will see all the contrarian posts about wayn coming from the same area[s] repeatedly. Some of them might actually come from the corporate sites that take money to shill, and some will just come from the LOSERS who take the money to be shills.

    BAN THE IPS and your troubles will end.


  9. This post has just been brought to my attention. The policy at is to refund any member at their request within 14 days of a payment when they have a justifiable reason, particularly if they are unhappy about the renewal of an upgraded membership, and did not receive the renewal notification email for whatever reason.

    Having reviewed the communications back in March 07 we are in agreement that the service received at the time was unacceptable and wish to reassure any current or future WAYN members that this is neither our policy nor our service model.

    Paid for membership to WAYN is an optional extra, which like almost every similar service is on an automatic renewal basis. However, we are aware that some members may not check their emails on a daily basis so allow for refunds in all cases where a member may wish to unsubscribe from a Premium or VIP membership within a reasonable time.

    We have written to ‘0comment’ directly to apologise for not having dealt with his refund request in a more positive and timely manner.

    As a travel and lifestyle focused social network we rely on our community to be happy with not only our products and services but our customer service, and highly regard our member feedback as being integral to our growth and success. For this reason, we continue to encourage member feedback and aim to resolve any issues which are brought to our attention – our ultimate aim is 100% member satisfaction.

    We hope that this has in some way gone to reassure any current or future members that we are doing as much as we can to improve service levels and respond to member feedback as proactively and as timely as possible.

    We would be happy to respond directly to any further queries regarding our terms and conditions, membership levels, or auto-renew policy at

    Annika Erskine – Marking & Communications Director

  10. Having had loads of invites to join wayn from people whose names I have never known in my life I can only assume that they are a bunch of spammers.

    From many reviews on the net wayn is just about useless unless you pay them for vip (read usable) membership and thier entire business model is based around getting more and more people to join up as vip members. So it starts with you getting an invite (often from $random name you dont know) to going in registering and spamming all your google and msn contacts telling them to join up as well just to find out that now you have spammed everyone you cant do anything without paying them.

    Wayn is like a bad dose of the clap, stay well away from them and the world will be a better place.

  11. JC

    I’ve never been a member of WAYN and just about all my friends (and not-so-friends) got a false invite from me to join WAYN. PATHETIC!!

  12. Robin

    *comment moderated due to use of faul language* – I am on WAYN and funny you mentioned about WAYN since the site was made free for over 7 months. Joining the site does allow you to send invites to your friends – thats true. Just like I get 40 or so a day from Facebook. But there are always a bunch of people who clearly havent got a clue about what they are signing themselves up to and then realise that an invite got sent. I think WAYN is doing a great job and is a fantastic idea for those who love travelling – shame a minority of people like to put wrong allegations about genuine businesses

  13. Johnny

    So, what is up with all the girls trying to get me to contact them via Yahoo or Hotmail?
    I KNOW it is not for my good lucks or hot body!

  14. Gord

    WAYN is FULL of romance scams. My wife gets hit continually by them – usually end up being NIGERIAN or say they’re in LONDON. WAYN has no idea what they’ve spawned, not to mention HORRIBLE on-line practices like asking for your email account and password so they can raid your address book !

    RUN for your life when you see WAYN invitations.

    see http://www.romancescams.ORG if you’re not familiar with this.

  15. Roy

    If you are invited to join and asked to create a user account, DON’T.

    Their process asks you for your e-mail password (like in Yahoo mail). Who is dumb enough to give their personal e-mail password to a site like this?



  16. auschef

    I have a similar experience.
    I have been online for years, and have facebook, linkedin and plaxo
    All have their peculiarities but they are OK.
    They also allow/encourage you to add friends knowingly and with full disclosure.
    I got a message via WAYN from a friend I had not seen for a year, and I have since moved overseas.
    I couldn’t read the message until I ‘create an account’
    I did this, with a long term but generally disposable email as usual, and since then have had countless garbage emails, sometimes by the friend (who didn’t send them), or from some WAYN administrator with some garbage reason for visiting the site.
    I went and deleted my account, only to keep getting mails from a WAYN administrator.
    To stop getting them………….I’d have to log in into my deleted account, and delete it again.
    I am growing tired of being patient.
    I normally reply to particularly insidious Nigerian scammers and barely credible lovers seeking my lifelong companionship, sometimes as sport, sometimes as a means of punishing them.
    I am not naive, or a newbie.
    WAYN is probably 40% OK – and used by 60-80% as a legitimate social networking site.
    But it should change its questionable and borderline sleazy management policies and business practices quicksmart before it starts to get a reputation as a “less than reputable” online institution.

    Hey – Kevin Rudd – Australian PM – start policing membership and advertising practices on sites like WAYN instead of censoring the whole internet like some bent mummy figure on behalf of Australians.

    Good and transparent business practices, and WAYN would be up there with facebook and myspace.
    I agree – travel is the “new black” of social networking.

  17. milsz

    Beware of this …asks for yahoo account/ password…. then probably grabs address book and sends email all the people in address book…

    STAYAWAY from this crap…

  18. Nathan

    Please read the following

    Scammers are on dating sites, and social networks setting up fake profiles. Scammers will pose under the disguise of beautiful pictures as either male or female claiming to be from the United States. The scammer weaves a story of a successful business person working over seas, having no family; they present themselves as a thoughtful, caring and loving individual who is looking for their soul mate. The scammers are good at what they do; they ask lots of questions of the victim regarding what they want in their lives.
    The scammer then takes the information and turns it into a dream that becomes a reality to the victim. They use words we all like to hear to woo our hearts so they can burn our souls. They use psychology to hold you in their spell. Once they have established a relationship then the scamming begins. In all cases the plea for Financial assistance is the key to the scam. This can be for assistance in cashing a check that they are unable to cash themselves and also asking for financial assistance to help them out of a difficulty they are having. They have landed in a hotel and now cannot pay the bill so the hotel is holding all their papers so they cannot leave. They are desperate to come to you but need your help with the money to manage that. They were mugged and are in the hospital and need you to pay their hospital bill as they are being held hostage until it is paid.
    Read More
    After being scammed you are put on a “contact” list by the scammers. You will be receiving random instant messages and emails from people you do not know. These are scammers trying to scam you again. Please tell them you know they are scammer and block them. You will know within 5 minutes if it’s a scammer by looking at the profile, how they write/speak, their picture, they state they live in Nigeria, they confess their love in the first meeting, they claim God brought you to them etc. After you keep blocking them, they will stop and you will be placed on a “NO” contact list .

  19. Bart

    Found an old friend on WAYN.
    Tied to message him, but had to join,..OK so I joined.
    Tried to message him again,but in order to do THAT, I have to PAY!??
    What a scam!
    Also, notice all the ladies that want to be your “friends” instantly?
    If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat…

  20. Sam
    I unsubscribed to this site over 15months ago and they continued to try and take money out of my account.Over $1000 dollars later I now have to wear the cost of this and I am not happy. I no longer use or have active the email address or account with them but after speaking to my bank accoding to them I have over 27 back to back pages of transactions from this site still trying to take out money through paypal and I have already unsubscribed. Im NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!! This was the 1st and now the only time I will use paypal and any online sites under this name.

  21. Anil

    wayn is very dodgy site. stay clear of them. I have never opened an account with them and they have made a fake profile in my name and inspite of my repeated requests to delete it and reporting it as infringement of my privacy (they have even added some fiends from my account) they kept ignoring my mails. Fraudsters.

  22. Beshara

    it’s true, they make fake profiles on behalf of people, and they even add friend to them, if you try to check who those friends are you have to become a friend of the “fake profile” who of course never writes back, only to find out you have to upgrade. As soon as I joined I received numerous friend’s invites (males and I’m a female…single…how strange indeed) then they tease you with some profile that looked and yours…and if you want to discover please upgrade, become a Vip and PAY ! bunch of fraudsters. I deleted imediately the app that linked my wayne to my FB!!!! stay away as much as you can!!!! one last note: I found a fake profile of a person who lived in a place in Europe before 2006, who returned to Canada, and who is still listed as living there in Europe. This person never joined, yet they know the age & nationality of this person!!!!! And they post pictures of where the person has been…and invented even a fake nick name to go with the profile set up by wayne!!!!! How do they fish their info I really wonder!!!!! It’s just about to denounce them!!!!!! scammers!!!!!!

    1. Paula

      I have a fake profile on wayn. Never signed up, never heard about the platform but they publicly share my age, city and full name. My husband googled me and we stumbled across the profile. I emailed to have them remove it but it’s there months later. Helloooooo sharing personal info is not ok without concent. I don’t even travel!

  23. Almudena

    At first, I want to say that I’m not english, so maybe I’m not writting english very well.

    I have also a fake profile on wayn, and I realised of that when I searched my name on google. I have written three mails to, and they where supposed to answer me in 24 hours…

    They answered my firts mail, (I wrote it in spanish) just to tell me to write in in English. I wrote two more, those in English, asking them for erasing that kake account, because it contain personal information, such as my full name, my city and my age.
    They haven’t answered none of those.

    Please, if you know how to erase that account tell it to me.

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  25. westportmom

    ”’*****STAY AWAY FROM WAYN******
    Wayn is a spammers website, that access all your contacts and does not let you sign out. there are many articles about it. They were famous within the spammer communities around 2008, from this post (9 days ago) it seems like they are back.

    If they have hacked your gmail account, they only way to remove them is:
    change your password
    THEN go to and remove them from the access list
    THEN change your password again.

    There are many reports about them:”’

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