Skype and eBay – how much money they really make

Picture from USA today shows Niklaas Zennström (founder of Skype) and EBay CEO Meg Whitman

article updated on 23rd of March regarding Skype – the number of users previously published was to low.

Well lets lift some of the secrets:

Skype has already attracted 170 million users worldwide!

They made 193 million USD of revenue last year but are growing at a fantastic speed. With new services such as Skype Prime and more and more people trying the skype out, skype in and skype voicemail functions the significant growth should continue. If you also see the number of 170 million users to 193 million USD you see that there is a lot of potential here.


Over the four years ending in 2005, revenue from eBay’s U.S. marketplace nearly tripled to $1.8 billion, while international sales increased from $114 million to $1.7 billion. The PayPal acquisition has paid off handsomely, with sales exceeding $1.0 billion in 2005 says John Owens, CFA, CPA from Morningstar

The business generated a cash flow of 1.7 billion in 2005. They have no debt and hold 3.2 billion in short term investment or cash.

More information can be purchased from and of course can be found in the investor relations section of Ebay:

The reason I will buy the stock is a different one 🙂 A good friend of mine (ex coworker) is selling goods on Ebay obviously complaining about the high charges. I want to be able to tell him: “Thank you… because of all your trades I make some money..” “.. You are defacto working for me..” 🙂


5 thoughts on “Skype and eBay – how much money they really make

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  2. Douglas McCabe

    Interesting. I’m trying to estimate Ebay’s UK revenue, and how much of that revenue is from transaction charges, and how much from advertising charges (ie insertion fees). Looks like the second of about 3% of total revenue; but what is the total UK revenue? any idea?

  3. thanks for reading my blog Douglas, I am sorry but I did not find this specific information (searched through teir anual reports). If you find it and get lucky please inform me and my readers about it, will you?

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