economic facts about Skype

How many users / customers does Skype have? – last quarter 2006 171 million update: April 22nd 2009 Skype contributed $153.2 million in revenue for the quarter 1 2009, representing 21% year-over-year growth. Skype added 37.9 million new users during the quarter and ended the period with more than 443.2 million registered users. source

How fast is Skype growing? Skype out rate growth1 year 189 % (but don’t forget skypein which also generates revenue)

Who does Skype belong to? Ebay

Will the Skype purchase pay of for Ebay? YES

 You can read the true story why I bought EBAY shares today  here . This is for a long term investment.

Please klick on Image to see it larger

The graph is taken out of the financial report of Ebay and can be downloaded here: download


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