Gmail outage 27th of March 2007

not sure what caused it. My friends Gmail doesn’t work. Mine does. We are using the same connection.

For this reason I have just searched for a back up solution for Gmail. If you are comfortable using command line this might be good for you.. see here.. 

….update 21:49 GMT – now I am also having problems… I shall go to bed….
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10 thoughts on “Gmail outage 27th of March 2007

  1. Daniel

    This is the second time GMail has given me an extended period without access. And the sporadic downtime is annoying too. Seems they think they can get away with it so long as they keep that goddamn “beta” on the homepage.

    If you’ve got a Technorati account, I’m asking folks who are suffering through the outage to vote up my “WTF” on this story as a way of shaming Google into being more responsible with its users:

  2. In the scheme of things, I have faith in Google. In time we will know the situation and cause. Google have servers all over the place, and I don’t co-relate outages such as this to losing data. If they (or anyone) loses data its not a network outage issue.

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  5. Since about 1 year and a half I actually have set up a filter that all incoming mail automatically goes to a yahoo address. Gmail once lost 2 weeks worth of my email. In this situation it came in really handy 🙂

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