Global warming (yes again)

I just read an amazing feedback comment on Vowe dot net and thought I´d share it with my readers.

Dave writes:

“I don’t get this debate.

In my mind, why do we need to prove that man may have caused global warming? Even if we did not cause global warming, why not start improving the environmental impact of worldwide industry just on the simple principle of being friendly to our world?

Oh, that’s right. Because people make money off damaging this world. How could I forget that?”

I agree 100 % with you Dave. It is a bit like explaining a smoker that smoking is bad 

I have used this Wikipedia Chart before BUT


One thought on “Global warming (yes again)

  1. Thanks. 🙂

    The smoking analogy is great. I’ll have to try that one on my brother in law and see if that helps him understand the environmental side of things.

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