How to move ( copy ) your messages from Google to Yahoo

I reported in my last post (see here) why it is dangerous to rely fully on Gmail. I had promised to write how I managed to get all my e-mails in to Yahoo (as a back up).

1) I signed up for Yahoo.

2) I went to Trueswitch / Yahoo-UK and entered my new Yahoo e-mail and my old Gmail address

3) It took about 24 hours for all my e-mails to be transferred (you will see the result after 24 hours – you will not see any progress in the mean time). In these 24 hours Google suspended my Gmail account a few times so be warned it might be dangerous.

See the screen shots of all the necessary steps in my tabblo here

See more Pictures of how to switch from Gmail to Yahoo on my Tabblo

It is possible that Google / Gmail will temporarily suspend your service (it happened to me – see here) so please be aware of this. Google / Gmail does not want to see you take control of your e-mails.


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3 thoughts on “How to move ( copy ) your messages from Google to Yahoo

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  2. Oliver Clevont

    I want to do the same thing. Do you think I should risk it? I thought about setting up Yahoo to download my email via POP using Gmail’s POP server.

  3. Oliver, personally I would do it again. But you have to know that Google is huge and if they do permanently suspend your account there is no customer service you can call to beg to unblock your account for you….

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