check out the Nokia N95 before going for the Nokia E65

I reported on the Nokia E65 in my earlier posts:

My first few days with the E65 and

using the E65 for tracking expenses and to scan and fax documents

My advise:

“Don’t buy the Nokia E65 until you have seen the N95!!”

As I recommended the Nokia E65 the Nokia N95 was not yet available. Guess what? I want it… I desperately want it. Fring (to use skype and messenger) already supports the N95. Software I recommend include Google maps for mobile My expense tracker from Sprite Software (no link found) and the Opera for mobile. Stefan Constantinescu reports on his blog RINGNOKIA that the camera is not yet perfect. Although it is a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optic and unlike the E65 has autofocus and a flash.

Nokia 95

Useful readings:

Review on Ring Nokia: here

technical specifications: here

All about Symbian N95 camera test here

If you purchased it please let us know how you get on… with a zeeero instead of the O

2 thoughts on “check out the Nokia N95 before going for the Nokia E65

  1. Ian

    Hhhmmm… Maybe you should check out the N95 first … – Maybe not!!!! I have had 3 in as many days, the 1st went flat in 2 1/2 hours after 12hours charge, the 2nd, the charger died after first charge, I have only had had the third for a few hours, so wait and see…..

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