Online Reputation Management

I was crawling through some of my logs today and saw that my blog had been visited by

client mention mention ID Mention Category min Rating max Rating min Credibility max Credibility published Start published End

I thought this was quite interesting. A company that finds out if anyone writes about their clients. What they write how credible they are etc.. pp.

WOW – this is great. There are companies who care about their reputation. I looked at quirks website and found the following:

Why is Online Reputation Management important?

“In a world where most things are happening in the digital domain, your company is out there and so are your customers; existing and potential. One complaint of bad service will travel as fast as a virus and it WILL impact on your business – for example huge corporations, small businesses and even Senators have had their reputations sullied via blogs, with disastrous consequences.

With tens of thousands of new websites, blog posts, forums and chat rooms being created daily, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the comments of their customers. Quirk’s Online Reputation Management service keeps you aware of how you are being portrayed online. It allows you to keep an eye on your company and put the necessary damage control strategy in place as soon as bad publicity occurs. Think of it as a traditional press clipping service online except with the ability to react!”

I like the business model. Not sure who their client is I reported about but do hope it was a) either a nice post or b) if it was a negative post the company gets in touch with me and tries to fix the issue.


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