NO Junk Mail – thanks – Liberal democrats and Labour do not respect this wish!

We are fed up of loads of junk mail in our house when we come home from work so amongst other things we have fitted a clear sign on our letterbox:

No to Junk Mail, NO Newspaper, No Advertisement

You would think this is very clear wouldn’t you? Well the Cambridge Liberal Democrats and the Cambridge Labour Party employ very enthusiastic “junk mail throwers” who either cannot read or do not care about privacy and the clear statement made regarding Junk Mail.

The one thing that made the story almost funny was Labour’s advert Action on Climate change. This is a open message to Labour and Mr. Daniel Zeichner:

“A full color 4 page brochure which is sent to every household in the county does not only cost a lot of money but it also annoys people and it effects our environment. If you are serious about tackling climate change then lead by example and stop sending unwanted leaflets – THANKS.”

See here the leaflet the Cambridge Labour party sent:

Labour Cambridge campaing against climate change 

So for this election it is clear I will neither be voting for the Liberal Democrats nor for the Labour party. I will be reporting on other parties not respecting our privacy.


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