International calls from your mobile almost free

I found out about a company called Rebtel about a month ago and have been using them since. I can make international calls from my mobile almost free. On their website it all looks complicated but it is not.

How does it work?

You sign up for the service on their website. Then you enter the numbers you want to call. For each international number you enter you receive a local number from Rebtel. For instance I put Peter in my Rebtel phone book with his Austrian number 0043 6764287xx and received a London number from Rebtel for example 0044 20 709635xx to enter in to my normal mobile phone address book.

see the contacts in the Rebtel address book and the local number to call

You will need to buy credit but you can do this from as little as GBP 2,50 or USD 5,00 so nothing dramatic. I can then call the local number (the number given from Rebtel) and can speak to Peter for 1 pence per minute – from UK to Austria 🙂 using my mobile phone.

Rebtel gives you the option to make free calls if your friend calls you back in a certain time but I would forget this since 1 pence is virtually free anyway….


2 thoughts on “International calls from your mobile almost free

  1. jools

    I’ve been sent an email about this from ‘ONSPEED’ who I used until I got broadband. It sound great but I’m still a bit apprehensive. My kids live in Australia and I call them every weekend for at least an hour. On my 3 mobile this costs me £15 through an ‘international saver’ option, but I really need to cut my bills now my half price deal has expired. It’ll now cost me £30 for my normal contract and then the £15 on top. I might give REBTEL a go and post back when I’ve used it for a month or so………. Watch this space.

  2. Hi Jools, thanks for this feedback. I have checked how much I would pay with Vodafone and it is 0.90 pence. With Rebtel I pay 0.01 pence so it is worth giving it a try. Please post back your expirience. André

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