skype is getting expensive

the b* connection fee. I was wondering why my skype credit lasts a lot shorter and looking at my last call (the other person was not available) I now know why.

See here:

skype connection charge 5.6 eurocent for 13 seconds

Skype charges 5.6 Euro Cent for this skype out call lasting 13 seconds. The big advertising leaflets say:

skype out rate 

*All SkypeOut calls (except those made through the Skype Unlimited Calling plan) are subject to a connection fee ranging from US$0.00 to US$0.039 (excluding VAT).

So if you read the small print and use skype for a lot of short calls then skype is not as cheap as one would hope.


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5 thoughts on “skype is getting expensive

  1. William Cloud

    I used to pay $40US per year for their phone out (Skype Out) and get voice mail included.
    Ebay doubled the price. Now I pay $60US for Skype Out and $20US for voice Mail.
    I am going back to phone cards. I can get rates a cheap as Skype

  2. George

    Yes I agree with you Skype is getting expensive. It really is time to find another. I think there is anothe VOiP called oovoo that mught be good.

  3. George

    I’ll try that Andre…the only thing I have skype on my mobile phone and provided there is a wifi around I can use it. I have to work out how to use other voip services on my phone.

    1. depending on which mobile you use Fring might be a solution. You can set voipcheap as SIP service (sounds complicated but once you got the hang of it…..) Here are the settings you will need from voipcheap Should you have a Nokia phone there is a voipcheap app available for most nokias here again the warning. don’t expect any support from voipcheap. also some people are complaining that they don’t get the full minutes. i am a customer of them since 2007 and am very happy.

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