Dear Mr. President – Pink lyrics

  Pink has some really interesting lyrics

Dear Mr. President: What kind of father would take his own daughter’s rights away?
And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?
I can only imagine what the first lady has to say
You’ve come a long way from whiskey and cocaine.



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59 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President – Pink lyrics

  1. Denise

    Pink is typical– immature- Bush is not taking anyone’s right to choose and Roe V Wade will never be overturned. Poverty will always be with us– and yes Bush would talk with her –Hard work ??? when she is making millions — lol too funny — I say good for her- I do not care how much she makes , or what she does for a living but this does not fly– I have always liked Pink – I like her intensity but this song is weak—

    1. andrew

      haha typical for someone who is from america to belive that george bush is a good guy its you hypicritical idots who voted him into office in the fist place, but pink on the other hand has displayed, a biases, but no less factually point of veiw, it is not the fact that bush has screwed you guys over but the fact that he cant take responsibility for something that is clearly his falut, he has place you in a state where fear is a guaranty, where rascisim could of be abolished or atleast slowed he has simply pinned two races against each other, where in a country it is your RIGHT to own a gun but you are criticized, and condemed for being homosexaull, Shakespeare once said that a man is nothing if he sees only that which is in front of him (hindsight) clarly the statement was meant for you :):):)

  2. I think this is a very powerful song. I think its very deep and i think more people should understand the meaning behind it. Especially the minimum wage part. Not all celebrities have always had money, some have had to make their way to where they are from humble or less than humble beginnings. I personally believe that a few “Leaders” should really listen to the message this song conveys. And I respect the fact that Pink has the guts to sing it in the first place

  3. Sam

    I think this song is absoultetly wrong. she writes a song naming all the bad the president does but if he didnt do the things he does there would be more terrorism and it’s not like America has the highest percentage of poverty in the world. Well then she comes to Australia and trys to incourage people about what her song is about because she knows that its all just to make her more popular and that the Aussies will find anything to go agains the Americans

  4. John Howard Fan!! BFFL 4 lyf!

    This song touches my heart and many other unexplored areas! i think it sends the message that sir Bush is a nasssty man…however my little country is powered by mr Jony Winston Howard so i do not have a personal connection with this type of song! however because i am doing an assignment on it i must must read allz about it!!! soo my fellow americans i wish the best with all u undergo…chaooo xoxoxoxo amigos!!!

  5. fi

    Actually Sam, there is the highest percentage of poverty in America. I quote from,,1712965,00.html

    “A shocking 37 million Americans live in poverty. That is 12.7 per cent of the population – the highest percentage in the developed world. They are found from the hills of Kentucky to Detroit’s streets, from the Deep South of Louisiana to the heartland of Oklahoma. Each year since 2001 their number has grown.”

    And what GWB is doing? That’s no better than terrorism.

    And Denise? What Pink has written (if she did write it? Did she?) is far from immature. Also, even if she didn’t grow up poor, it doesn’t make her any less empathetic.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.
    And anyway

  6. Chris

    I am glad that Pink has chosen to form an opinion about our President. Additionally, I think it’s great that she is not afraid to express herself. Bravo. Unfortunately, I have some apprehensiveness concerning the validity of the points she makes. To illustrate, allow me to apply a touch of logic.

    Government class lectures will clearly detail the role, power, and restrictions faced by the position of President of the United States. Further, these important lectures will demonstrate the function and workings of what is known as ‘checks’ and ‘balances’. Understanding the power the position of President carries will clearly show the problematic points made by Alecia Moore (Pink).

    Controlling poverty is not, and cannot be attributed to one individual. Countless factors play a role here.

    Did the United States issue a draft to fight terrorism in the Middle East? No. Our troops willingly decided to protect our nation, our boarders, and our futures? I offer these individuals (both the active, and those who have offered their mortality) my everlasting support and gratitude.

    [As a side note. Those who use fatality totals as an estimate of purpose and evaluation of the war on terror, please compare our current totals with those of June 6, 1944.]

    Concerning the abortion remarks. I personally feel that abortion is often used as a way to erase accidental sexual encounters when precautions were not considered. Life should not be destroyed for such immature reasons. Why should we give anyone the choice over the destruction or salvation of another life? We should abolish abortion in order to protect life. If forced to keep the child your body created, will life be cancelled? Would this lead to a more stressful life for you, the mother? Yes, it could. However, should you live up to your responsibilities and actions?

    “Let me tell you ’bout hard work” is a very outlandish remark Pink makes toward the ending of her song. Here, all I can do is ask Pink to further detail what kind of work she has done that would be considered comparable to running the leading nation. Has this singer, writer, record producer, and actress led a modest, hard life? Please consider this point both in terms of before her recognized success (age 19) and after.

    Dear Alecia, “I’d like to ask you some questions”. Anytime.

  7. aimee

    ^^oops just checking that it worked befor i wrote heaps.

    i think you’re all kind of silly because like moore can write what she likes, none of you really know what kind of life she lead; or how much hard work she’s done; and let’s face it george bush is a dooche, youtube him.
    pink has an opinion. she sang it. there are far worse songs out there you could be petitioning against. stay calm

  8. Michaela

    Lots of thoughts prompted by comments. Just because one may think that Pink is young and therefore “immature” does not result in the logical conclusion that poverty and such does not exist. When she is older it will still be there (though I hope that it is less).

    Okay, Okay .. the president is not responsible for everything .. but there is certainly individual’s who follow a leader and take on the policies that he endorses .. this just emphasises the need for anyone in a position of power to think about what they represent .. and to speak up and disagree if this is what they believe.

    Re comment that troops are the ones who decided to go to war .. tell me would they have gone if their president said NO. Yes many may go with the belief that this is the right thing to do .. or that this is there choice .. but sorry the fact that the powers that govern are the ones that are supporting these beliefs (indeed shouting about the fight against all of these things) adds a factor that clouds one from making the conclusion that every or the majority of individuals are making decisions to go to war based on their own beliefs.

    I believe that I have a responsibility to stick to my beliefs despite others opinions. I may have to support a policy or procedure (due to work) but I feel a responsibility to express my opinion. Sure, Bush may not dislike his daughter if she was gay/had a termination …it would be more admirable (and better for the world) if we knew that he expressed this .. there is no evidence that I have seen that would suggest that he would support his daughters right to engage to choose or just be herself .. just leaving me with the conclusion that he supports these policies .. or that he is to gutless to voice his opinion.

    I would also say that I have not had to experience “hard work” … the fact that I haven’t is all the more reason for why I feel sympathy for those who have more difficulties then me .. maybe it is the case that when you haven’t had the hard times that you can stop and realise that this does not have to be a part of life .. you don’t have to say “this is the way it has to be” .. but it not only the individual but the society and those that govern who have the power to give people opportunities and to lift the standard of living. My life has been relatively easy .. I wish that others were as well.

  9. Kelvin

    This is not about Pink, stop attacking her to move attention. This is about Bush and his government. Come on. Face it. The world is a mess all thanks to Bush family.

    Guess where Bin Laden was from? so many countries around the world why they target the states?

    Bin family was old friend of Bush family. Bin was trained by US special force to block Russians. Then old Bush dispose them.

    So, Check your history book before you bullsh!t SAM and DENISE.

    We have a long history with these terrorists. Why they became terrorists? Imagine someone came into your house killed your parents brothers sisters. bombed your house. declare your dad is a terrorist and say you need to thank him for killing your dad and saved you.

    That said, 9.11 didn’t come from nowhere, not because suddently one day the terrorists found it interesting to kill people then they did it. No! Everthing came with a reason. Ask Bush family about that.


  10. Kelvin

    Every 1 more Laden or Hussein put down by US army. 10 more will stand up against the states.

    The war doesn’t just end here. Bush has deeply carved the hate in the Islamic people’s bones.

    I never heard that killing can solve any problems. Revenge will come when the time comes.

    So all you guys need to wake up and stop that idiot from doing more stupid stuff. As only civilians like those in 9.11 would suffered. Then give Bush family another good excuse to start his war game again.

  11. Breanna

    I think that all of you that are against this song are ridiculous and should grow up and listen to the lyrics. Pink isnt saying that she lived in a box or worked for minimum wage while she was pregnant. Pink reached out to the community and she is purely giving back by showing the president what he needs to fix in his own country instead of worrying about someone else’s problems. To Denise, Sam, and Jake: GROW UP! (and look in the mirror i don’t think pink is the immature one here)

  12. sarah

    why attack p!nk it is a great song and simply george w bush needs to grow up
    all she is doing is writing from the heart and use are attacking her for it
    why dont you just sit down and listin to the lyrics propally
    and listen to what she is actually saying before you judge her
    i know alot about p!nk and she has a good heart she does alot to help people and animals
    good on her
    and she does not vare what people think about her
    think about what you are saying and i agree with every thing she is saying in that song

  13. When Pink is talking about this song I believe she is speaking out for those of us who are not in the position she is to be able to get our views across. Wether you agree with her or not, there are those of us (the little people) who do agree. I know myself the questions she ask are questions that I myself would have for the President, I am one of the little people who’s voice isn’t “loud” enough. A woman in her position with the influence she has is a good thing, at least she has got some people thinking……. and crying.
    He may have done some good, but in saying that I have to admit; these days it’s hard to ignore the negative because there is so much of it. Put yourself in the positions of the people she is talking about. I am a mother and I can sympathize with the other mothers that dont get that chance to say goodbye.
    I am also bi-sexual and can also understand her comments about being gay.
    As for hard work, even if she didnt work hard some of us are and getting nowhere in life. I not once have seen President Bush cry like some of us, When was the last time you seen him cry for the little people?

  14. x//.Ebie.Babeyy.//x

    To all you who are bagin Pink, PInk had the guts to sing that song so i applaud her. She is a natually leader, and it’s true how can he sleep at night and how can he walk with his head held high

    Pink ur my idol ILOVEYOU

  15. Sarah

    For those of you who are bashing Bush should probably inform yourselves a little more about the gov’t. There simply isn’t enough time for me to educate you in one comment. For KELVIN, if Bin Laden was friends with the Bush family there is nothing wrong with that. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In addition it is always beneficial to have relations with leasders in other countries. You are saying 9.11 came with a reason… well yeah obviously terrorists don’t just kill thousands of people because it’s fun… but do you honestly think that any reason makes it right for them to kill innocent Americans in our country!?!? It sounds to me like your obvious dislike for Bush has made him the enemy. Well guess what… Bush didn’t fly those planes into the twin towers. Get with the program and check your history book!!! Oh and by the way, there are 3 branches of gov’t and the president practically has the least power of the three and still gets all the blame for it. For everyone else who is a Bush hater… you should put yourself in his shoes. Democracy is the people’s gov’t and Bush isn’t the only one making decisions… maybe you should try bashing some other politicians for a change. No one is perfect and if you are so opinonated about politics then get in the game and off of the sidelines. Take action for your beliefs… we live in American… it’s a free country and the future is in your hands.
    As for the war… I’m with Toby Keith… “some people say we’re just out looking for a fight, well after 9-11, yeah I’d have to say that’s right… have you forgotten…”
    Have you forgotten?
    Isn’t it great we live in America and have the right to express our opinions, thanks Pink for reminding us of that and for exercising your right. “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!”

  16. sarah

    Sarah …. any comments for me??? Your good at slamming the extremists comments but how about the logical .. or maybe more the ones that just say we have to voice what we believe in .. I know you are here but so is the President … what is your opinion on the poverty/gay etc issues? A democracy says that the the leader represents the people? Does his opinion replicate yours? .. Is he listening to the people on all these people? … Please .. I’d love some intelligent feedback specifically relating to the issues and opinions I postedl…… Please?

  17. Lucia

    I just didnt want the last comment made by an Australian 2 b representative of us, coz i was embarressed by it. I think its an awesome song, if only that it provokes discussion. Pink has really earnt my esteem for singing something of substance, rather than the shit most entertainers excrete out on the airwaves about ‘bumpn and grindin’ or whatever. Even u haters must see that the fact that we are discussing issues raised in her song is really positive. I dont know enough about the states to comment on whether it rings true or not. But what i do know is that its a beautiful song.

    Johnny HOWARD, mate, your days are numbered…

  18. michaela

    afraid to say that last comment was mine (made a mistake with name … sorry Sarah) … Am Australiian .. HOPE that Howards days are numbered .. and that the future here is bright. See my previous comments to see my opinion ..

  19. @ all, nice discussion – it is good that Pink made us discuss 🙂

    My (European) thoughts on Bush:

    He is embarrassing for the Americans
    He is very loyal to his backers (Oil producers)
    He will be looked back in history as one of the worst presidents ever
    He created an enormous amount of hate against America amongst Muslims (not only Muslims)
    He is one of the first presidents who did not receive the most votes but has become president
    America can be glad to have someone like Al Gore
    50 % of the American voters got what they voted for….

    I am very much looking forward to the next President may it be Obama, Clinton or Giuliani!

  20. Sarah C

    I had a comment for you, but it got erased and I don’t have time to redo it, but I’ll try to post again another day… sorry it was thoughtful too

  21. Sarah C

    Gov’t is a very complicated issue. First off the American Gov’t is made up of 3 branches all with limited power and serve as a checks and balances for the other branches. This system was designed so that the President would not have ultimate power or be able to make policies that the majority of the public doesn’t agree with. Congress has the power to impeach the President and they have not done so because of the widespread uproar it would cause among faithful Republicans and Bush supporters.
    We operate under a two-party system which is both a benefit and a problem. The problem exists where people define themselves as belonging to a certain party and therefore vote for their party’s candidate and not always because of the moral or economic values of that person. The benefit of the parties is that they provide arguments for both sides of issues and prompt change in policies.
    The President and Congress are highly influenced by lobbyists from interest groups. These groups represent specific issues and concerns of U.S. citizens and serve to persuade or pressure Congress to be for or against certain policies. They often prevent unpopular actions or policies, however, their success is based largely upon the size of their organization. There is power in numbers and if enough people support an issue the gov’t is all the more likely to listen to them. Politicians work for votes and they get votes by pleasing the largest majority of people. Unfortunately, the entire population is not represented in these interest groups, partly because people don’t care enough to be involved or they don’t have the time or resources to do so. Because of this the poor are not always represented. Bush is a conservative Republican and therefore supports limited gov’t involvment in economic action and welfare hand-outs. No one likes to see homeless people on the street or people struggling to live because of money. However, because we live in a country with free enterprise we will always have those who are wicked rich, those who are middle class, and those who are dirt poor. It is how the systems works. Politicians have to draw a line on how much they can monetarily support the poor with other people’s money. Because many people abuse the system, Republicans take caution in making the American public too dependent on welfare and hand-outs. Americans are some of the most lazy people in the world and many take advantage of the system. It is those people that screw things up for the people who just ended up in a bad situation and got screwed. Since the gov’t can’t determine the abusers from the honest users they have to limit it for everyone.

  22. Sarah C

    As for Gay rights, the struggle lies between moral and constitutional issues. I live in Texas and the large majority of people in our state support gov’t action in social and traditional issues. We live in the bible belt and because of this most of us stand against gay marriage on moral and reliogious grounds.
    You ask if Bush is listening to what the people have to say on gay/ poverty issues? My answer is yes. The Republican platform stands against gay marriage and limited gov’t action in welfare issues. in Bush’s second election he won the majority of votes and therefore represents the majority of the nation on these issues. Of course, the people still have the opportunity and power to influence leaders on these issues. The nation is largely divided on these subjects which makes it a debatable subject for many. Some are actively involved in trying to change issues, while others sits on their bums.
    As for Pink, she is clearly Democratic. I think it’s great that she has an opinion and is standing up for her beliefs, but I think it’s wrong for her to play the blame game with Bush on the issues. He isn’t soley responsible for it, it is practically the entire Republican population supporting these issues. He doesn’t have the power to change other peoples opinions. It is our choice and beliefs. I don’t agree with all of Bush’s policies, but I don’t blame him… if there is a problem the whole gov’t has a problem because they are all involved. This goes for any President unless they personally committ a crime or are involved in scandalous action. Bush’s policies are not crimes, but certainly everyone can’t be expected to like them because we each have a different and unique opinion. It is difficult to find common ground. We don’t have a perfect gov’t or system, but we are constantly trying to fill the gap in order to get there.

  23. michaela

    Thanks Sarah for the detailed explaination … it kind of missed my point. People often listen to the “leader” without questioning all of this stuff … making it all the more important for them to speak up IF they disagree. Just sounds like you are giving a reason for why he is not responsible fo his decisions …… sorry … only one responsible for what comes out of his mouth (and his actions) is him!

    Us guys down here also have a “representative” leader who is voted in, etc , etc … somewhat ‘sophisticated’ but slightly different then yours … the thing I respect is someone who stands up for what they believe DESPITE what their party or others say …. if they toe the line about important things I’m just not so interested. I just have to weigh up their view (or their party’s view .. ie what they are supporting) in relation to my beliefs .. and I believe that issues about social injustice and such are more important …. based on an analysis of what I have experienced (working with people who are fleeing places of persecution) and the fact that I have a good life (and many don’t). If someone really believes in a different policy then what their co-horts propose then they SHOULD leave that political viewpoint .. and say this.. (or join anoth party .. shock/horror!). My comment is not based on the broader scheme (though it could be) .. it is about Pink’s freedom to express her opinion .. one that I see a probably/likely valid. You gave me a long explaination about the political structure but not about the core issues …… Bush/you are not outrightly saying that you disagree with Pink’s comments …….. once again talking around the questions and not directly making a comment. Tel me, are you aspiring to a political career? or do I just need another thorough explaination because I’m niave girl from “down under”?


  24. Sarah

    perhaps I am confused about your actual question…
    for the record I don’t always agree with Bush’s actions or politicians in general… but there is little I have been able to do. I agree that Bush is responsible for what he says and does, however, I was trying to get the point across that if people don’t like what he or the gov’t is doing they have the power to change or prevent policies. It is all in how the system works and thus the explantion was to help you see that. Public opinion and pressure has prevailed time and time again on influencing gov’t policy. The majority of power lies with Congress and it is through Representatives and Senators that constituents (voters) influence policy. Congress also has the power to declare war… not the President. All I am saying is that Bush is one person and if the majority of people disagree with his actions they have the power to impeach him.

    Your question before was is Bush listening to the people… my answer was yes( as for most of the issues in Pink’s song) I personally feel that on social issues Bush listens to the majority of people or at least the Republicans in his party.

    You also said you respect people that stand up for their view DESPITE the party beliefs. I don’t think Bush in in the position to stray far from party beliefs because he is representing them… and most likely he feels pretty strongly about the issues he supports (once again just saying that IF the majority of people disagree with him they can change things)

    sorry for any confusion before… I don’t think I understood what you said earlier…

  25. Sarah


    I hope I did not offend you before by giving you an explanation of our gov’t… it’s just that a LARGE majority of Americans don’t understand it and having knowledge about the system helps to explain why the President or gov’t IS or is NOT listening to the majority of people.

    As for the core issues I did not talk about…

    #1 I hold some views as private because either I don’t want to offend others or I am uninformed and ignorant on them

    #2 It would take a LONG and more detailed comment to talk about my personal beliefs (I thought you were interested about whether or not I think Bush listens to the people… not me)

    #3 My basic beliefs about gay rights: morally I think gay marriage is wrong, but in that sense I do not believe that ANY person has the right to be denied basic rights, such as, but not limited to, gays joining the military. They are people too and I may not agree with their beliefs but I’ll fight to the death to defend their right to believe it =)

    #4 Poverty: I do what I can to help all people in the community through volunteer work or donations and I do so as a Christian. Helping others is what I believe is the right thing to do. However, when it comes to gov’t involvement, I believe lines must be drawn b/c people will abuse the system. But that doesn’t mean that don’t deserve any help and like I said I try to do my part… I agree with you… some people don’t have it as good as we do

    #5 Do I disagree with Pink? Good question… I have my own beliefs AND I respect hers. I am “considered” a moderate I stand conservative on some issues (gay marriage) and liberal on others (child health care)

    #6 I disagree with the No Child Left Behind Act… although I don’t entirely understand it… it has good and bad… I feel the bad outweighs the good (agree with Pink on this issue)

    #7 Abortion… I do NOT support abortion I am pro life and believe that every fetus has a soul and the right to life (disagree with Pink here)

    #8 Minimum wage… I hate this issue it is double sided, and I am not sure where to draw the line… It is hard to say that a teen doing filing should recieve minimum wage and that of someone who has a full-time career and is trying to earn a living. Raising minimum wage has negative effects on small businesses, but was designed to enable people to live off of that salary… again where do you draw the line…

    #9 I am absolutely positive that Bush is prideful… it is a way to save face… you don’t act shameful when you are under the watch of every eye in AMerica + some… should he be ashamed… sometimes… should he show it??? not sure

    Once again sorry for the confusion and I hope you didn’t take it the wrong way… the truth is that I am always weary of stating my beliefs with people I don’t know… I REALLY don’t like to cause unesseccary confrontations and I had a lot of homework that night and didn’t get a chance to go into detail on personal issues… the comment that got lost had that info so sorry if it caused ill will… I didn’t mean for it, too.

    Ok last question… I think… No I am not aspiring to a political career I hope to be involved in agriculture and natural resources, still gov’t is important.

    (Don’t want you to think I feel you are a naive girl from “down under,” but on the other hand I felt it was neccessary to explain… I don’t know you so it is hard to get my message across if I assume you know something and you don’t)

  26. michaela


    Okay .. this my third go .. lost my first when computer unexpectedly shut down, just about to post my second when it did it again! .. will post this as I go just to ensure that I don’t lose it all again.

    Thanks so much for your response .. it is appreciated. I tend to just write without thinking and will admit that I was being a bit sensitive when it cam to the naive girl comment .. I didn’t know the complete picture and you were great and explaining the political system there. I think that maybe part of the confusion was that you might have missed my first post (22 August) and was not really clear in my subsequent post to yours.

    Also I tend to focus on the individuals point of view, in much the same way as you think that they are the ones with the power to change a system. A problem with my approach is that I run the risk of not looking at the bigger social/political framework and therefore are not always mindfull of the limitations relating to this.

  27. michaela

    Like you I came to the opinion that most likely Bush feels strongly about the issues he/his party supports .. Many of my opinions differ from his and for this reason I am not a supporter of him. For example, I have no problems with gay marriages. I am pro-choice (and Catholic) also believing that these decisions are complex (and a whole different area of discussion.

    I also respect the right of Bush to have his opinion, and as the President (or our Prime Minister) represents the majority vote and therefore it is there job to express/implement/follow the process relating to these opinions. It all just brings me back to the individual and an emphasis on their role.

    At the moment it is election time in Australia and I still come across people who are not interested or aware of issues outside of their day-to-day world .. for me it like a rag to a bull (me being the bull!) and I do just give my opinion. Not to be confrontation but more to prompt discussion. My brother once said I needed to live in the real world, friends say that I am an idealist I am still trying to be both these things. I also did not want to be unnecessarily confrontational .. I hope this was not the case..

  28. michaela

    My mind is going foggy .. I am sure I has some extra stuff in my last post (I put so much time into it!). A couple of things .. thanks for giving your opinions ..I understand the idea of not wanting to offend, don’t think you have and hope that my “babbled” responses did not offend either.

    My 10-year-old is calling for attention so I must run …. (describe myself as an independent single-mum .. have my own business (psychologist!) and finally found the balance of working when she is at school while being a mum from 3pm onwards… tonight I feel like she thinks I’m neglecting her … so I’m off.

  29. oisin

    Actually Sarah, some of Bush’s actions are crimes.

    Faith-based initiatives violate the establishment clause of the constitution.

    The President’s domestic spying initiative violates the fourth amendment and is actually a felony under the FISA act.

    Using national guard troops activated federally to guard airports violates posse comitatus.

    Holding anyone inside the borders of the U.S. without trial violates habeas corpus. (currently there are three being held illegally)

    Arresting protesters outside of events violates the right to assemble and the right of free speech.

    The process of “extraordinary rendition” and the use of torture are both banned under federal law and violations of the Geneva convention to which the United States is signatory.

    Not to mention the morally bankrupt “doctrine of military preemption” which declares that we attack nations that might pose a threat. A doctrine which, had it been presidential policy during the Cuban missile crisis, would have led directly to nuclear war.

    Oh he’s a criminal. Congress is just to weak to do anything about it.

  30. oisin

    And while we’re on the subject, connecting Iraq and 9/11 is a classic subterfuge carried out by the bush administration. Even the administration has been forced to admit that any connection now between al quaeda and Iraq did not happen until after American troops were there.

    Since the majority of Americans are actually opposed to the conflict in Iraq and are pro choice, clearly he doesn’t represent the majority of Americans. That’s not really his job anyway.

    Congressmen are supposed to represent the people. Senators represent the interests of his state. In fact, senators were originally appointed by the states rather than elected. The president is supposed to see the big picture. And respect the constitution.

    He is in violation of his oath of office to protect and defend the constitution.

  31. jasmine

    well i think this song has great meaning and people should really take into consideration that our world is not perfect and never will be we will always have poverty within our world and there id always someone trying to help that but no matter how much we try to help it will never change wich means it is true about the part wen she says “how can u walk with your head held high” none of us should because there are still chldren left behind we can be happy with our selves for saving one life but since wen does one life save another
    my point taken xoxoxo jazzyfizzle

  32. pinkhasalltheanswers

    “Let me tell you about hard work. Minimum wage with a baby on the way.”
    How about if you are on minimum wage you make sure there is no baby on the way? Try holding yourself accountable for your actions and stop relying on the government to bail you out of the poor choices you’ve made.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure running a country involves some hard work. Also, I’m sure the President doesn’t want to take a walk with you, oh well might as well take that walk with your dog “F%cker”.

  33. what the?

    i wish i could ignore her words and just listen to the song, it was lovely music mixed with ignorant words! It’s frustrating to watch how so many people will jump on the wagon to hate and blame due to some emotionally strung lyrics set to beautiful harmony and voice. I appreciate the song b/c it will make most of us “think” to agree or disagree and question our motives behind our decisions. For those who think the worlds problems can be pin pointed on one person or one political party is sorely mistaken. george bush literally does have the weight of the world on his shoulders….responsiblity that so few of us could sustain and that so few would ever wish upon themselves. We all seek peace and hapiness for ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our world. Peace will never be acheived with the hatred fueled by songs like this. attention can be brought to a cause with out negativity. Mother Theresa was asked to participate in an anti war protest….she declined and said she would participate if it were pro peace. Instead of the blaming, pointing fingers, etc. etc. we the american people, the govt, the president need to spend our energy seeking the good not illuminating the bad. Pink seems to be an extremely strong women who is fueled by negativity…can you imagine if she used her influence to inspire?! I will die beliving in our president, our government, our troops and our country. I’m proud to be an american

  34. yomama

    the content of this comment has been deleted by the Admin as it was insulting previous posters and was not adding value to the discussion

  35. i feel that pink is right. the president doesnt care that millions of people die and millions of troops are sent and killed and he doesnt seem to care. he talks about making a difference in america, well i dont see it.

  36. Clayboy

    Free speech! Isn’t it grand? This is a great song that invokes emotions. I agree with many people that this is targeted at the wrong person. No one person can take the blame for all the country’s problems. Remember, Bush was elected to president TWICE. American’s are not stupid, and if he were truly terrible many people say, that would not have happened.
    On the issues, P!nk raises in the song, I happen to agree with her, but even the President does not have the power to change those things. The people have the power and it can be invoked at the voting booth. Let’s hope this time, we get it right!

  37. Mayah

    Well Einstein-Sarah, all that nonsense about Bush shouldn’t take most of the blame etc, etc. The American President is one of the most powerful presidents in the whole world! Firstly, he’s head of state. Secondly, he’s chief executive. Thirdly, he is commander in chief. FOURTHLY, he’s chief diplomat. In Norway (my country, luckily!) these tasks are shared between THREE institutions, the King, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. He might not be all powerful, but he has to take A LOT of the blame. He’s really contributed to driving the US into the ditch! The US now has a worse relationship to the Middle East, and concerning Russia it seems like we might be heading towards a new Cold War!

    As my English teacher answered to the question of what would happen if Bush got killed during his visit to Israel: “Well, sarcastically speaking, that person would receive Nobel’s Peace Prize”…

  38. Alexa

    Just because Pink is famous and has millions in her pocket doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to have an opinion on homelessness and minimum wage, etc. I also haven’t experienced anything remotely close to that, so does that mean that I shouldn’t be able to speak out against it?

    Kudos to Pink… she’s using the fact she is a celebrity to help make people aware of what is happening in America…

  39. jenna

    I think this song is amazing. Im glad pink has th balls to write such a truthful song. kudos to pink i love this song and im very proud of pink <3!

  40. Laura

    Hmmmm…. well im not too shure that there are many canadian voices out here so I will put in my two cents! Bush may not in fact be single handedly resposible for all of the States troubles …. but he has a lot of stuff against him. I absolutly love this song and i think that it is super guttsy! Bush has got a problem with gays and he admited it, so he already has some people against him (including a large majority of people from surrounding contries). He could most definitly put more funds into homless shelters and such, even if he is not the only politician resposible for those matters. I just think that, especially after having watched a movie or two against him, people go nuts. He messed up big time with the war in iraq and everyone knows it. I personally think pink rocks and that this song is truly amazing, and very true!!

    Long live freedom of speech and Pink

  41. Paige

    ok so all of those who are wingeing about this song, im not going to tell you to grow up or whatever but i am going to say this, you made you choice by voicing your opinion wanting it to be heard right? well that is edzactly what Pink is doing just giving a point to the president that he mite not see some of the things that is go on in the world but it’s not just directed at Mr. Bush it’s just giving a point of view to the world. and as someone said in here before no one knows what Pink has gone through when she was growing up but it doesn’t mean this song is talking about her, pink is talking about those around her and us who are struggling with government decisions and rules. so for those who are bagging. let her have an opinion just like you have. as pointed in this song that everyone has different beliefs and we shouldn’t be shut down for it, so don’t shut up down for having an opinion.

    well done pink love you songs. kudos

  42. chicky

    i think that everyone who is flipping sh*t yelling at the people who are agreeing with pink’s song should just calm down and breathe a bit. people have a right to say what they want and by you just bashing them for what they believe is just showing how un-openminded you are. pink is obviously relating to those liberals out there and if you are more conservitive and rebulican just get over the fact that there are people out there with different beliefs than you. bush could have made better decisions. thats all im saying =] peace and love

  43. (I found this in a Google search for something totally unrelated, gotta love that. I went and looked up the song, because it seems to have got people talking! Anyways, a comment on this:

    Whilst I don’t disagree with the points Pink (or P!nk, if you prefer) makes in the song, I think the song itself is very poorly done.

    It’s cheesy, and the lyrics are embarrassing — it made me cringe to see it sung in a heartfelt manner like she actually thought she was being deep.

    There are plenty of awesome songwriters out there (Billy Bragg, Midnight Oil, David Rovics, Paul Weller) who have political stuff that pretty much knock socks off this.

    Bush is a pretty poor excuse for a human being and his policies have been questionable at best and I think her intentions in doing a song like this were noble, but I just don’t like it at all.

  44. Sarah D

    The fact that Pink has money now and and is fortunate now doesn’t mean that she always was. Does anybody that’s slamming her know what her childhood was like? Even with that being said, if she did have a nice, supported childhood does that mean she cant speak out against things she doesnt agree with?
    People may disagree with her views, but there are also people that agree 110%. and we’re fortunate to have someone put our thoughts into such a gorgeous and touching song. There are songs for both sides of the spectrum, so why are you so against the expression of free speech?

  45. lisa

    i was reading through peoples comments and when i read the comment made by someone calling her/him
    ‘what the’ i like just stopped seriously u say u like the song if u did not have to listen to the words well if there were no words there would be no song. go pink i admire her for speaking out

    and everyone else get f%ucked cause u no the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jaye

    Good on pink, someone needed to say what thousands, millions, even hundreds of millions of people were thinking.

    I agree that it takes ALOT of effort to run a country, but to live in one which is always making the wrong choices, that would be hard work too.

    Just because you may live in america, doesn’t mean you have the same beliefs as your President. But to accept the wrong that he/she brings, isn’t that just as bad?

    Allowing wrong, you wouldn’t allow your friends to be bullied, or your family to be hurt, so why allow something like this, which is affecting millions?

    Overall, people need to stand up and speak out, nothing will ever change if we sit in silence.

    Pink is just a stepping stone to the our freedom of speech on this particular subject!

  47. I want to know what Bush would say in response to this song I generally like pink as an artist but I think what she had to say about him was shorthanded and unfair after reading his memoirs I think in a lot of ways bush got an unfair shake and was virtually demonized for things that were mostly out of his control I think if bush new about the song he would say sure pink lets take a walk come down to the ranch and I will tell you all about it who do I pray for at night before I go to sleep the entire nation and the families who lost there loved ones everyday fighting for this great nation lets pretend were just two people and your not better then me? oh wow gee that’s nice of you I never thought I was better then you but you clearly think your better then me critising me for my past whiskey and cocaine problems see you do think your better then me I don’t hate my daughter who are you to say whats in my heart you don’t even know me or my family or what we went through on a regularly basis you know I am glad I am not in office any more those were the worst 8 years of my life because of people like you who simply didn’t understand why I did what I did you think you could have done better being a war time president ? our nation gets attacked how would have handled that hmm? you would panicked like the little bitch you are let me tell you about hard work? doing everything I could to protect an entire nation while all they did was demonize me you know nothing of hard work being a celebrity and living a life of praise and luxury

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