Mr. Paul Wolfowitz you should learn from Mr. Klaus Kleinfeld

I wanted to congratulate Mr. Klaus Kleinfeld for his decision and professionalism when stepping down as CEO of Siemens. It appears that the problems that Siemens is facing regarding corruption have not been caused by Mr. Kleinfeld but he acts wisely for the best of the company.

On the other hand we have the World Bank and Mr. Wolfowitz. Now Mr. Wolfowitz has misused his power to organize a highly paid job to his girlfriend Shaha Ali Riza. Riza was therefore on a higher paid job then her direct boss Condoleeza Rice!!!!

“My clear Message: Wolfowitz you don’t need Clinton’s lawyers you need Kleinfeld’s and Clinton’s integrity. Please step back.”

read more on the current event regarding Kleinfeld source CNN: Siemens AG Chief Executive Klaus Kleinfeld said Wednesday he will leave the scandal-hit group when his contract expires in September, widening a leadership vacuum at the German conglomerate. (..more..)

read more on Wolfowitz:

Wikipedia about the Wolfowitz Shaha Ali Riza sandal

Google News search (CNN) Paul Wolfowitz


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