uninstall truphone – how?

nothing to be found on http://truphone.com – even with an extensive Google search:

Does anyone have any idea how to uninstall? Reason? well it is a suspect of crashing my Nokia E65 in any possible situation. I know it is beta software so this is o.k. but I want to uninstall it and am not happy of not finding any info. UPDATE – Their support team is very reactive and fast. This is very seldom in this industry. Thanks Truephone team!!


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4 thoughts on “uninstall truphone – how?

  1. Hi,
    First of all, have you contacted support@truphone.com? In the first instance, they’ll be able to advise on the crashing problem, as there’s no reason for this to be Truphone-related; and, second, they’ll be able to advise on how to uninstall Truphone if you still want to.
    I believe that the following process will also do it for you (I use an E61 so can’t guarantee this will be exactly right on your phone):
    – from the Menu, choose Installations. Delete the Truphone application
    – from the Menu, choose Tools and then Settings and then Connection and then Internet Tel. Settings. Delete TruVoIP. Go back and choose the next item, SIP Settings. Delete the Truphone settings (there will be more than one).
    – Restart your phone.
    That should do it. But I still think Support@truphone.com is the best place to start; there is no reason for Truphone to crash your phone.

  2. Thanks Tim for your reply. I have hoped to find the solution of how to uninstall on your website or in any forum but was not.. It is great to see you react this quickly and as I just wrote to Truphone I will be happy to test the service a little later again as I like the concept and it seems you are doing well. It is not guaranteed that Truphone is the cause for crashing my phone but this was my first suspect since it happened after installing. Your software is still beta so this is something I must accept when installing. Again thanks for your quick reaction and good luck to the Truphone team André

  3. Yo

    This caused a lot of strange problems on my E65 also! I uninstalled it by uninstalling the app, and then going to the settings menu of the phone and deleting all the SIP/Internet phone profiles. After doing all that, the problems stopped.

    Hope that helps anybody! bye

  4. wisam shweki

    thank yyou so much . you helped me very well i tried to uninstall it and it did from app manager but the program still working untill i delete the files that you said . thank you

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