Kill a European and fly back to Moscow without being charged?

The case of Alexander Litvinienko, who has been poisoned by a radioactive substance last year, is a very famous one because entire Europe has watched him die. The Murder was not the most intelligent man of all leaving traces of radioactivity on all his paths and being identified very quickly as Andrei Lugovoi.

Vladimir Putin the Russian President however refuses to extradite Andrei Lugovoi. Details here.

So this leaves me with some questions:

“Is it o.k. to kill a European, Asian, African or American if you are Russian”?

“Will Moscow (Putin) help you to get away with it?”

“Should the rest of the World watch?”

London wants Andrei Lugovoi for questioning. There is no guarantee that he is the murder and until the courts say otherwise there is the Presumption of Innocence.

Further readings:

The Litvinienko Case – Timeline by the Guardian

The Russians in London want to stop Moscow’s killing abroad – fantastic article by the FT

Update: below is another interesting article by the FT:*

*To win respect, Moscow must itself respect the rule of law

Alexander Litvinienko’s last statement (below)

Statement by Alexander Litvinenko

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