A Question To Gordon Brown And David Cameroon Regarding Environmental Changes

Today I finally visited David Cameron’s Site, webcameron, a fantastic idea to keep in touch with the population I believe.

I asked 2 questions which I also want to ask Gordon Brown so I will publish them here. If I get a response I will publish them here.

The questions:

this is the first time I am visiting your website. I have heard many times about it and I think it is great you are listening to the inhabitants 🙂

What is your view (and the view of the Conservatives) on new high speed trains like the Maglev cutting rail travel time dramatically between London – Glasgow – Liverpool – Manchester etc? more info for the readers here: UK Ultraspeed 

Also I am very interested in Passive Houses. Are you planning any grants for people who want to build environmentally friendly. A Passive house needs less then the energy of 10 tea lights to keep at a cosy 20C if the outside temperature is 12C. If yes what do these grants look like?

Thanks for listening and I am hoping for a reply.
My personal Weblog  My environmental blog (only just starting)

Gordon, I would be delighted if you or a representative of yours could also answer these questions for the labor party.

PS: I will be asking those questions on my blogs to Gordon and yourself and am hoping for an answer from both of you – thanks in advance


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