ISA: 6.3 % Interest Guaranteed And Tax Free For UK residents

After reading this article in the FT this weekend I thought I needed to check my ISA figures.

Smile: 5.25 % my favorite bank – just this time lacking in rates

HSBC: 5.3 % generally good

Halifax: 5.55 % had a nasty experience with them*

Halifax guaranteed interest (might be worth checking out at these high rates) 6.2% for 1 year

*The downside with Halifax? Because Halifax works slow and unorganized I missed the ISA deadline 2006. 1 month was not enough for Halifax to close 1 account and open an ISA and allocate payment – really nasty – This is a warning 😉

Then I thought I would check Money Supermarket for their highest rate: 5,85 %

Knowing that Moneysupermarket does NOT offer the best rates as they take sponsorship for referrals I though I would extend my search.

National Savings and Investment 6.3% Guaranteed to stay 0.55% above the base rate until at least 5 April 2008 – tax free

The best of all? National Savings and Investments is backed by HM Treasury which makes it a AAA investment

The downside? You can not transfer your old ISA’s to NSI.

Article correct July 30th 2007 – Rates may vary.


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