Nokia does not like bugs discussed publicly

Strange one: After I have written these posts Nokia thought it would be better to pull the plug and stop me from logging in to their discussion board.

I agree that the sites belong to Nokia and it is up to them to decide what goes up there and what not but considering the bad track record of the E65s Firmware it might have been better to clarify what the problem is and give an estimate of a firmware update.

I do not appear to be the only one having problems – (see here)

3 thoughts on “Nokia does not like bugs discussed publicly

  1. Danny

    E65 is a piece of crap. This is the most buggy phone I’ve ever had. Sometimes I am not even able to make phone calls without resetting the damn thing. Nokia said firmware will be released in October but it’s already October and I still see no firmware. Sell it on eBay before it’s worth nothing.
    My last Nokia phone, ever.

  2. Hi Danny,

    same here. I try to call someone and the phone does not work. I try a second time in disbelieve. The person I try to call notices the calls and calls back. Then the Nokia E65 reboots ?!?!

    Only switching off and back on helps getting it back to normal again. This happens on a daily basis and is not acceptable.


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