This is scary

The Financial Times reports that the Chinese Military might have hacked in to the Pentagon. Read the story here.

If this is true is China still a Country that can be trusted and the world can do business with? I am not saying I am for an embargo (clearly not) or anything but this story does make me wonder. Who was behind the attacks? What does the Chinese government know about it etc…

Update: I am just reading through an editorial comment “China’s cyber-spies spread their net” and have found this

Indeed, such are the Beijing government’s efforts to control the activities of its citizens on the Internet that any hackers operating from China are almost certainly working for the authorities. Yet it is probably also right to assume that the US and other western governments are busy infiltrating the computer systems of foreign governments. It is therefore disingenuous to complain too vigorously when those same foreign governments become good at doing it back.

very interesting!

Update2: I just watched an inverview with the editor of the FT – Please ignore the “might” in my headline – the FT has done an extreme amount of research and double / tripple checking on the information and they are CERTAIN that it was the chinese military


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