Some More Rapleaf concern

After Rapleaf’s apology I do not believe all is fine. In fact I am certain that they are breaking European law. See here for the Data Protection Act.

Some more frustrated comments about Rapleaf and why this service is so annoying:

WTF?!! Watch out for Rapleaf!!!

What appears to have happened with RapLeaf

What annoys me personally is that my details can still be found on upscoop (upscoop and rapleaf are one and the same company) after I have received confirmation that all my data has been removed from their servers:

Thanks for the email and we greatly apologize for any inconvenience. As
requested, we’ve gone ahead and removed the profiles for the email
addresses you provided below.
If we can be of any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Yes they have been removed from Rapleaf but not from Upscoop (a service from Rapleaf). And also their Privacy Policy states the following:

Rapleaf may disclose full user data in Rapleaf’s database to third parties in the following limited circumstances:

-Upon receipt of a properly authorized and authenticated governmental request for information
-In response to a subpoena or a court order
-To comply with relevant laws
-In response to an investigation of fraud regarding a specific user, customer, or client
If Rapleaf is sold or acquired
In an effort to safeguard the person or property of a Rapleaf employee or a third party or client

I do not feel comfortable with a service like this and whilst I believe it is illegal I certainly know that it is unethical!

5 thoughts on “Some More Rapleaf concern

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  2. even more on this topic: (from
    ” Despite the swift changes, privacy experts still say Rapleaf may be breaching the privacy of people using social networks like and Facebook, among the other social networks to which it links. Rapleaf lets you retrieve the name, age and social-network affiliations of anyone, as long as you have his or her e-mail address. But what the company does not disclose are the details on how it obtains people’s ties to social networks through their e-mail addresses–a nifty feat considering social networks typically don’t publish members’ e-mail addresses.

    Because of this, some people believe Rapleaf’s practices may be violating the terms of service of MySpace and Facebook by linking to people’s profile pages and scraping data from the sites for commercial purposes.

    “It seems to undermine the whole social-network model, where small communities are formed within the larger online world. Users typically decide who to ‘friend’ and who not to friend. But if companies have found a way to scarf up e-mail addresses and affiliations, then that’s serious and the Federal Trade Commission should investigate,” said Marc Rotenberg, executive director at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit privacy advocacy group.” obtained from:,-Public-viewings…..html

  3. Hi Sevenorora,

    I guess it is a good one. And yes in my view it is a form of phishing. Just the person entering the details does this knowingly and he does not think he enteres his password in to gmail / yahoo etc. He knows he will enter it in to However what he doesnt know is that all this data is collected and kept by upscoop even though it is not legal to do so (to keep data of european citizens without their consent)

  4. jen

    Yeah, Rapleaf is a terrible company with arrogant cofounders who want you tell them they are the greatest invention ever. Right, the greatest invasion of privacy ever. I hope they get sued out of their behind.

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