Web 2.0 you get what you pay for / Jajah Support dissapoints

I am using Jajah since the 16th of October 2006. I like the service. I use if for free calls and I also use it for paid calls. It works.

However sometimes there are issues. and you need Jajah support. Jajah support is as you would expect from a mass consumer company (apparently 3 mio users) not ready for the huge amount of mail they receive.

Why do I need Jajah support?

I opened a new business account and added USD 20.00 as credit. I then wanted to add my office number and received the following error message:


I sent a very clear e-mail to Jajah support stating that my number is in use on my private account, however I wanted to use a new business account for the above number. The response was this piece of rubbish:

“We’ve received your email, and we’re uncertain what your specific request is. If you require help with JAJAH, please write back and specify your exact issue.” The person who wrote this message probably gets paid per sent message. To send rubbish like this they most certainly only need to click 1 button (T5?) for canned response number 5.

I sent another e-mail apologizing for my bad English and adding the above screenshot. Up to now – no response. Conclusion: You get what you pay for. If all the automated service works for you and you never get “stuck” all is good. If you ever get stuck you need several attempts to receive help. This is my 3rd attempt and I am sure Jajah will respond after this blog article. Certainly if I link to their blog.

One thought on “Web 2.0 you get what you pay for / Jajah Support dissapoints

  1. Benny

    I have the exact same problem.
    Jajah’s customer support is non-existent. I didn’t even get the automated Email response.

    I have a question/problem – I want to use Jajah direct, that is, calling a local number that has been assigned to one of my Jajah contacts. I have 4 Dollars in my account, which is sufficient to make many phone calls. Yet when I call the jajah direct number I get a message telling me that I can add 10, 15, or 20 $ to my account. And it NEVER connects me with the number I want to talk to!
    This is effectively stealing money from me. The only way I can use my 4$ is to use Jajah from my computer.

    Well, I’m moving to use Rebtel – they are cheaper, and have a much better customer service. Hear that, Jajah stuck up mangers? your not getting another CENT of my money.

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