Nokia E65 after the local Nokia Repair center

I had my Nokia E65 at the local Nokia Repair center from Monday until today (about 48 hours). I was told they did a software update. A quick check revealed the version number which looks like this:

version number before: 1.0633.18.01

version number after: 1.0633.18.01 Do YOU see the difference? 🙂

My phone had no applications on it and all the data was wiped off. Thank god I did a back up.

I will report later if the rebooting, freezing and other annoying symptoms that had been reported about the Nokia E65 have now stopped.

update: The reboots have stopped, also the noise when the slider was open. The program I cannot recover is the SmartConnect from Birdstep. It seems they have pulled it of the market since it is also not in the Nokia cataloge anymore. My e-mails to Birdstep are also unanswered. It is a shame because I really liked the application and I have paid for it. As for the reboots. The question is if it was software related (version number is the same) or hardware related (the buzzing when the slider was open suggests this).

Here are my previous posts about this problem:


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