Gmail lost my mail after upgrading service

17 days of Gmail e-mails are lost / gone / vanished!!! They are not archived nor in my trash or spam folder. All the e-mails between the 30th of October and today have totally disappeared by no action of myself.

Did anyone experience the same? I found out that Gmail apparently upgraded their service: Google updated Gmail and created Problems.

The good thing is that I kept a back up of all my e-mails. A copy of every e-mail I receive is automatically forwarded to Yahoo. I set this up a while back – see my post here: Back up your Gmail account.


2 thoughts on “Gmail lost my mail after upgrading service

  1. Desparate

    I lost ALL my gmail emails overnight. Last time I checked it was May 6th, 09 evening and found it completely wiped out May 7th, 09 morning.

    I have not clue how did that happen.


    1. sorry to hear that sad story.. unfortunately i believe there is nothing you can do.. google will try to tell you it is not their fault and that you have been a victim of a pishing attack but i personally think they just have a lausy serivce sometimes (hence the beta next to the name). My advise… Change the password and in future back up your email be redirecting all incoming mail to yahoo or by downloading it to a local client..

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