How it all started

Heeehooo my first real post on my new url 🙂

I am planning to use this blog to report about my time in Chile and also share some money saving tips with my friends I will hopefully make in Chile. I knkow myself so I am sure I will sometimes also vent a little frustration about some companies that do not get it 😉

I used to blog here but used a different URL. The old blog posts are still buried here somewhere. Here is a link to an old post of mine in which I told the world about my plan to do a language course in Chile. I never did the follow up to report how brilliant it was. First of all I learnt some Spanish but secondly I got to meet some really nice people. One of them is originally from Mexico and she is the reason I am now moving to Chile

I am really happy to soon be with my girlfriend but a I am aware that my parents are a little bit sad to see me go. I understand that and will be in contact a lot with them as I DO really love them. I am certain that we will manage to see each other at least once per year and who knows maybe Liz will manage to do a 3 months job exchange in her company so she can work in Spain and we can both got to Spain for this period. (which would be a lot closer to Austria). Hopefully I will have the chance to write one more time before leaving.

My flight will be on Saturday at 13:40 CEST from Innsbruck via Frankfurt (3 hours wait) to Santiago (SCL) I will arrive there 22 hours after start at 08:40 CLST

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