My 2nd day in Chile

Today is my third day in Chile but nevermind. I will write about my day yesterday.

It started of good. Even though I went to bed at 8.30pm the previous night I had overslept. The culprit? For whatever reason I had set my alarm wrong. So it did not wake me at 5.30 am but I woke up without an alarm at 6.30. Not bad not bad… I quickly got out of bed, made myself a coffee and started working. Liz woke up around 7.30 I think and she joined me for a coffee. The day was good working in our apartment. Liz left the house but came home for lunch. I cooked for her. The result was not very good to be honest. However Liz did tell me a few times it was good. I challenged her and could get her to say that it was the worst I had ever cooked but said it was still good jejeje

In the evening around 6pm she went to a customer meeting and I said I will go with her to be at a Starbucks with Internet Access to update my blog and see if some friends & family are online.

After that we went for dinner to Asian Bistro in Las Condes Parque Arauco which was very nice. Friendly staff and good food.

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