My 3rd day in Chile

o.k. folks the next post will not be called the 4th day in Chile as you can clearly see I am struggling to keep up. Hehe I am keeping my promise: “Don’t expect regular updates ;)”

As I am pretty busy here getting up at silly times and going out each evening I don’t have a lot of time to look after my little website so this time I will just post a video with only a little text. What you all probably want to know is “Andre is happy” 🙂 and still feeling as if this was a holiday.

Please be aware that all these videos are not edited as I did not find the correct program yet and did not really have time. Anyone have recommendations for a good tool for video editing? The built in Microsoft Windows Media Maker does not support MP4 and I do not want to start converting to a different file format. Carsten?

4 thoughts on “My 3rd day in Chile

  1. writingpassion

    HI Andre, welcome to Chile! Hope you enjoy the next few weeks ahead, you arrived at a good time! 🙂

    Vile Glueck und machs gut,

  2. Hey Giuspee, thanks for the heads up. It was great chatting to you today.

    @ Tamsin.. thanks for commenting. Looking forward to being part of the Chilean “expat blogging world” in Chile 😉

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