First Inter Nations Meeting in Santiago

Being new in town I am interested in getting to know new people and from past experience I must say that expats of any kind are usually very interesting as they have a lot to speak and are usually open minded. I received this invitation a few weeks ago and wanted to pass it on to the expat community here in Santiago: First InterNations Meeting in Santiago – 11/06/2008, 18:30 (Santiago de Chile)  Because you would need to register to see the meeting invitation I will paste the text here….

If you are thinking of attending I believe Inter Nations (a global website for expats) wants you to register.


Hi All!

With the Santiago community now passing the 250 member mark, it’s high time for the first meeting! We will be having ´happy hour´drinks at Akarana Restaurant and Bar on the 6th November from 18.30.

It’s a Thursday night so the event shouldn´t clash with any weekend plans, and it takes place near to where a lot of the community works, so hopefully many of you can make it on the day.

It would be great to see you all there, and please do feel free to bring friends along too.

The bar is on Reyes Lavalle on the corner of La Pastora in El Golf; here is a link to their website where you can see a map.

If in doubt, please contact me with any questions!

Kind regards,



Chris Emmott
Event Date
Start date: 11/06/2008, 18:30
End date: 11/06/2008, 23:59
Event Location
Akarana Restaurant & Bar
Reyes Lavalle 3310

If you are attending and want to meet up send me an email. My details can be found in the About page

To contact Chris please register on Internations
To register for the event please sign up on Internations

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