The things I hate about Santiago

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The traffic and using the car absolutely. But I don’t only hate to drive in Santiago no a lot worse. I hate to drive and I hate sitting in a car with Liz when she drives and I also hate when I am in a taxi. Argh… I know it is probably a lot worse in Sao Paulo and in Mexico (been there) but it is a night mare. I find it is pure chaos and the drivers here are very unforgiving stressed and a lot more rude then in other countries. I fear a lot. The worst that happened to me when I WAS DRIVING was that I ended up the wrong way round in a 4 lane road as a (“Geisterfahrer“) The reason? The city of Santiago changes the direction of traffic in rush hours but does not bother to do anything about the huge arrows that show in the opposite direction….

Update: Let me explain a little bit more what especially I hate: Driving in the Taxi in rush hour or just after. Liz and myself were going out for dinner. No stress no appointment we would have had all the time in the World. The taxi driver drove as if there is a murderer behind, chasing us. Constantly changing lanes keeping absolutely no distance and he made a very stressed impression. Second experience: Ending up in the wrong lane (as described above). Can you imagine ending up the wrong way round in a busy 4 lane road. You actually do believe that you might get killed. We had our warning lights flashing but no. The Santiagans did not blow the horn to  warn us or to let us know we were totally wrong. As they saw we were stressed had the warning lights on they were blowing the horn showing us the fist and the worst of all one guy tried to really scare us by pretending he would crash in to us and then pulling over in about the last second…..

O.k. this was a short post since I Love being here with Liz and I love the country (more later) I am still in a honeymoon phase with the country and the city and I had so much joy in the past 3 weeks! As Meredith put it in her post “Sounding the depths” I am probably in phase one of the expat experience.

2 thoughts on “The things I hate about Santiago

  1. AndreaN

    I hate Chileans..I don’t hate them all, but some make them hate so much, probably the way they brought up suffocate them to be.

    I know two Chileans at least on Facebook, they are pretty much have something wrong in their head. Brother and sister, Brother is Ben Benjamin (knowing as a famous guitarist, but that doesn’t make them different and Sister is Rose Irene VerySweetheart L (Leiva), or Chilenita Linda, the name on facebook. They seem to be very nice at first, but things come out once someone know them too much. I mean catch their lie. They keep saying I’m a fake girl (what da fk!!, I am a guy).

    At first, she kept broadcast her story to me coz i commented one of a guy picture. She is so upset about her ex-boyfriend that married with another girl (the fake girl they think I were). Saying bullsh*t that I’m adding her because I want to check on her profile (how fk’up in the head is that). Saying that her ex-boyfriend who just been married love her so much, can die for her and want to divorce his new-weded wife. Just a fucking lying dream. Keep telling people about this poor girl in bad way and put herself as a very sweet and fascinating person. I was trying to be so true, why would the guy who just married want to divorce and go back to the woman he just left!?..

    She may angry because the guy have changed his mind to new girl, but saying bad thing to other and saying themselves beautifully is not the right things to do. I actually understand why the guy would not chosen her….

    Once i did against her with my straight forward comment, Rose Irene Leiva and Benjamin was showing more disgusting thought. I recognize later why they do so good on facebook because always have lies in their head and that make them happy, to be in a sh*t dream.

    His brother is quite a stupid lie, but i understand how they brought up to love family, no matter what is true or untrue…it s just so funny for me. He believe in bullsh*t of her, and saying I am a fake person as well. Oh my…. can’t believe what i had to face. I obviously can see that these two have f**k in their head. And that what I think..Just blaming other but not looking back yourself. Make up so many stories, even kid can see it. Just only their people believe..

    Go on.. Cheer up!! Rose and Ben!!!

    What a sh**t head they have!!

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