Christmas away

It is the first year ever that I will not be spending Christmas with my parents. I have two thoughts about this and both are equally true. While I am thinking about this specific topic I am sad but also I am happy. Sad obviously because I want to be with my parents at Christmas but happy because I found love and can share all the special moments with my partner.

This year Christmas is no real Christmas for me also because I just did not get in to Christmas mood. For me Christmas is snow, cold.. etc.. Here we have sun 30 and more Celsius and beach. No I would not want it to be cold but it is NOT Christmas for me. I am skipping Christmas 2008 / totally. No Christmas Tree nothing. This does not make me unhappy In this moment I am a little sad in fact I am crying right now…. ;(

It is hard to write what exactly I feel so I think I will stop now. But not without saying that although I am sad and very emotional at the same time I am really happy to be with Liz. “If you are reading this Liz and be sure I will make you read it 😉 I Love you”

Below are two pictures. One I received from my brother via his Christmas Newsletter to show you how Austria is in Christmas and the other is Chile. Both are beautiful. But it is NOT Christmas for me in Chile.

Christmas in Austria Christmas in Chile

There are a few other expat bloggers in Chile (around the world) who have written about Christmas away. I am heading of to read them now. Thanks Clare for the shout:

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