The Future of this site and the past 30 days

I know there are not many of you reading anymore. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have a lot of things I want to write but I am not sure they are right for the audience. But not writing at all means that I probably have lost most of my audience anyway. In future I will write what is on my mind. Be it my new Home Theatre, which I am currently building and would like to report on to Money Saving tips for expats. Think about telcos AND skype ripping you off or transferring money to your country of origin having to pay heavy fees. If you dont like my content and you are friend or family I am open to suggestions. Also if one of the Chilean Expats wants to help to define my theme I am willing to listen.

The last month in a wrap up:  I have been extremely busy in January. Have been in the US on a Tech Conference at the end of January which was a great experience. January was also the most successful month I had in regards to sales at the company I work. I am a little bit nervous regarding the “crisis” but who is not at this point. However after the tech conference and receiving good feedback from our clients regarding our software I am full of energy again and more optimistic. 


In January I have also seen the parents friends and family of Liz which I really enjoyed.

Currently I am starting work at 5.30 am every day starting to call and email my clients in Europe and finishing in the evening sometimes at 4 but more often then not at 6 to 7 when Liz comes home from work. I am not as effective as I could be but I am enjoying my job so it is fine. However it leaves very little time or joy to be on my computer for a blog post.

Oh yeah / another cool thing 🙂 For all the UK readers. You can now reach me on my Cambridge Land Line phone number: +44 1223 906032 which I have finally set up (that is also something I will be reporting on)

.. and yes I am still in Chile 😉

3 thoughts on “The Future of this site and the past 30 days

  1. I think you should write about whatever interests you. Really, writing more often will keep readers more than anything else… as long as they are interested in some of your posts. Or… if you are organized and there are any themes you want to revolve around you could make a Tip Tuesday.. and then every Tuesday write about a money saving tip. I have photo Wednesday and know there are people that come to my site only on Wednesday. Good luck defining yourself.

  2. Andre,
    I found your blog on Expat-blog. I am an American Expat living in Davao City in the Philippines. I enjoy reading about expats in different countries and how their life has changed and what life is like.
    You mentioned about things to write about. I started with a Blogspot blog for about a year. Then I was advised to get my own domain. At first I wrote about life, observations and opinions. I would do a lot about my family life. Recently I have moved to more about life here and looking at the expats life and the country they are to be living.
    I find I get more readers and more comments talking about life here then my family life here.

    I enjoyed your blog and plan to bookmark it and watch your life there.

    I hope you will visit my site, enjoy and comment. Maybe we can get ideas for our site from others.

    Keep up the good work

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