Facebook Privacy / my Profile was open for everyone

Here comes a warning for all those Facebook users.

I have just noticed that ANYBODY on this world who would have wanted to could have easily found ALL MY Facebook Data including pictures, phone numbers, friends and possibly some embarrassing and very personal  stuff. It would have been very simple. He or she signs up using her or his real or false name (it does not matter) then they join the Chile Network, search for me and they have FULL ACCESS to my Profile. For the stalker to do this there is no permission required from me and I will not even know about it. Now I have changed this.

I was aware of this (feature?) when I signed up for facebook and specifically changed this setting to NO. I am not sure what has changed. But I checked today as I heard some stories related to exactly this feature. I will check back regurlarly to see if it automatically changes back again. Go check what setting you have enabled here (link takes you directly to your Facebook privacy page)

Any Feedback welcome. I would be in  particular interested to know if you noticed the flag changing without your input. Just leave a comment or you can also send me a private message here: THANKS

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