Diet and Teeth 12 Caries (ouch)

Image from Wikipedia - thanks When I was in Mexico I decided to go to the Dentist as I had not been in three years. I am 32 and usually went to the Dentist once per year. All I ever heard from a Dentist was: “You have good teeth and there is nothing we need to do. No Caries. Well done.

In Mexico this changed. I went to a doctor Liz and her mum knew very well and they trusted him. I asked him for a deep clean and went there to hear “You have good teeth and there is nothing we need to do. No Caries. Well done. But it came different:

He counted a total of 9 Caries. I did not want to believe him. Liz and her mum told me that he is trusted but I just could not believe it. I had not changed the way I clean my teeth nothing. So I decided not to have them fixed since he wanted around USD 1,500 for the fix. It was good I did not fix them because the price is a lot higher then I have now been quoted in Chile.

A month after the surprising diagnosis I went to a Columbian Dentist which my friends Victor and Carola recommended. She is Columbian and has started working here in Chile in a Dental Practice three years ago. She made 4 radiographs explained to me that…

…she found 12 Caries !?!


She also gave me a very reasonable quotation. It will be 400 000 CLP which is about USD 675.00. A lot of money but considering 12 Caries and no use of Amalgam


Now I asked both the dentist in Mexico WHY?? What changed? How can that be possible. But they both did not give me a good answer. I changed my diet three years ago because I was getting fat. I discovered to have an intolerance against Fructose and Gluten and at the same time decided I don’t like the taste of Milk anymore. I think the culprit was Calcium. I did not take enough Calcium. See this article as a great reference but I will surely be doing more research on that.


5 thoughts on “Diet and Teeth 12 Caries (ouch)

  1. Hey I just found your blog from Clare’s. You post makes me sort of nervous because I’m going to the dentist for the first time in a year and I’ve been in Chile for a good portion of that year, and well I hate pain and cavities and dentists.

  2. @ sara hope all goes well. I must say that i am really happy with my columbian dentist here in chile. my third appointment is on thursday. After that I should have two more and should be done

  3. Hi Andre–did you get your teeth worked on? I am a little gun shy about dentists in S.A. I had a dentist in Buenos Aires tell me that all of my fillings were bad and that I should have them stripped off and redone. (Hmmm…and this would benefit whom???)

    I went to get a separate opinion, and another dentist said that the fillings were fine. No worries.

    I know that you can’t continue going from dentist to dentist, but trust your judgement on the honesty factor. A lot of times, people see a moneymaking opportunity, esp. if you don’t speak perfect Spanish (which I didn’t at the time).

    Do use a fluoride treatment, as the water does not include fluoride here.


  4. Hey Amanda, thanks for your comment. All is fixed now 😉 and it was in fact less painful then I had expected. Now I will be back to the regular 6 to 12 months check up

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