Free your iPod from iTunes jail

We recently purchased the Popcorn Hour a Media Streamer / Player to connect to our surround system. It is possible to connect Liz’s iPod to it but we wanted the Music on the Hard Drive of the Popcorn Hour so the iPod can be our travel companion.

Liz had about 2,000 songs on the iPod and no iTunes anymore since she had changed computers. She asked me to get the songs of for her. A quick Google search brought me to Yamipod which is a really cool utility to copy music from iTunes to your computer. The best of all is that it is free, totally free. There is no installation necessary on the Computer which is cool. Here is a screenshot:


YamiPod recommends to have the utility on the iPod so it is easier to transfer files from and to any Computer easily.

Highly recommended!!

One thought on “Free your iPod from iTunes jail

  1. emilyta

    hey! thanks for the comment 🙂 yes, i am new to the blogging community, and dont update my blog nearly as much as i read all of the other gringo/chile blogs. i am currently in the us so i guess its not as fun to write now, but hopefully ill get back into when i get back to chile in march. good luck with your teeth!

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