Animals in the Atacama Desert

In  my last post  I had promised some follow ups about the Atacama desert. Below you will find some  pictures of animals we "have met" .



Make sure to read on to see more cool pictures of the Atacama animals and the above pictures in higher resolution





For more pictures from this travel click here;

8 thoughts on “Animals in the Atacama Desert

  1. Hi Andre,

    Great photos. What type of camera did you use?

    I also love the Atacama desert. I went up there with my wife when she was 7 months pregnant and we had a great time!!!
    The landscapes are just amazing.

    Rob W.

  2. Hi Rob, thanks a lot for your feedback. Most of the pictures are shot with a Nikon D90 which I can highly recommend. I am still learning but must say that the pre configured modes (aka sports mode) work pretty well. I did not come along your blog before your comment so this is great. One more Chile Blog for my feed reader 🙂

  3. Grischa

    hi andre,

    those pics are amazing, did you really take them by yourself? they look very professional.

    talk to u soon,


  4. Hey Grischa 🙂 good to see you here. These particular photos were all shot by me apart from the ones with the Flamingos which my brother shot and one of the “reptiles” (dont recall the english word) was taken by Liz. Thanks for the compliment we did get a new camera for Christmas and it makes a big difference. Talk to you soon…

  5. hi andre,

    first of all i love the pictures and i have one question, and i need the naswer by tomorrow. please answer it for me
    i looked everywhere for my answer but i couldnt find anything.

    here it is

    What kind of mammals live in the Atacama desert?

    please reply VERY SOON.

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