Modern Design furniture in Chile?

Liz and I need some furniture but we have our own style and taste. It is for our rented apartment and probably only temporary. Anyone in Chile who knows a good carpenter? I am a little bit spoilt since my brother produces and designs furniture in Austria. We certainly want to engage him but we will do so when we buy our property. Meanwhile we are looking for a good carpenter in Chile. Any ideas?

Here is one of the pictures found on my brothers website. Click through to visit the site.

3 thoughts on “Modern Design furniture in Chile?

  1. Hey Andre!
    I love your blog–it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos and comments!!
    I live in Buenos Aires where I work for an organization that plans service trips all over Argentina and Chile! I am writing to you because we have a service trip in August which is in Mendoza–so close to you…It will be a 2 week trip, one week spent working with an orphanage in Mendoza, and one week spent working with an indigenous community in the Desierto Lavalle in the province…let me know if you are interested and I can send you more information!! Okay thank you so much for your time, and thank you for sharing so much on your blog!!!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks a lot for your comment. I will not be able to join you on the service trip as I need to work. However I will leave your comment up and if anyone is interested they can click through to your blog to get in touch. Good luck: Sarah’s Blog

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