Chile Group Post – why I moved to Chile and when I will leave

Kyle a professional writer / photographer from the US asked a bunch of us to share what motivated us to come to Chile. You will find all the responses linked on this article: “What draws us or drives us from Chile”

So here is my story. Sometime in 2007 I was serious about starting to learn Spanish. I did not speak one word.  I always liked the girls from España and thought once I speak the language I will be more successful with them as there were a few hot girls from Spain in Cambridge. Obviously this was not the only reason 😉 for learning Spanish. I looked at some programs in Spain but they seemed rather expensive and also the accommodation did not seem to suit me. Therefore I chose Chile. Here is my original innocent blog entry when I booked the vacation to Chile. “Hablas Espanol

I had a good time in Chile and through a coincidence I met Liz, a Mexican who was living and working in Chile (at the time she thought only for a year or two). We had an amazing time but were under no illusion that it can work out since there were 11,649 km between us. We said good bye beginning of December of 2007 with tears in our eyes After that we spoke every day by phone. Rebtel kept the costs of these 1 hour phone calls to a bear minimum and we knew we would be in the States at the exact same time for a conference in January the following year. She would be in Las Vegas and me in Orlando. So we decided to meet up  in Miami after our conferences and spend 4 days there. It  was amazing… It went on.. Liz came to Cambridge in April, I met her parents in July in Mexico. We thought a lot about different possibilities and in July I told her that I will come to Chile. Read here about  my first day in Chile

When will I leave? I do not know. Liz and I are both hoping to go to Spain for three months as my work is flexible and she might be able to swap positions with someone in Spain. It would be great for me since I would be in the correct time zone to speak with my clients and it would mean I no longer need to start work at 5.30 am. But mainly I would be close to my parents and family. However on the long term I see my future here in Chile. We are able to afford a good life here in Chile. Once we have children we will be able to afford a nanny, private school  and all the luxury that goes with it.  We could not afford this in England. In Austria (the country where you don’t need private school) Liz would not feel comfortable since she does not speak the language and she would have difficulty finding a great job. So here are many more years to come in Chile.. Now go check out the other bloggers stories here.

9 thoughts on “Chile Group Post – why I moved to Chile and when I will leave

  1. Interesting that you don’t mention Mexico as a possibility.

    I also think it’s interesting to hear from people who think that they would have a better financial quality of life here. It totally makes sense if you two are working for non-Chilean salaries, but since Rodolfo and I make Chilean salaries in Chile and would make US salaries in the US, for us it will probably be better financially to be based in the US – where the middle class actually exists, unlike here! – and travel to Chile.

  2. Cute story. I wondered the same as Emily and why you didn’t mention Mexico as a possibility. Perhaps safety or economic concerns? Well, yours is truly an international love story.

  3. Mexico is really nice but I see it with very different eyes than Chile. Here in Chile I feel safe going for a walk at night.

    I want to live somewhere where I do not need a car for every step and where I can feel comfortable when my children (which I do not yet have any) can play out in the park without me having to worry.

    Also there is more middle class and less poverty in Chile then in Mexico and a lot more order and less chaos.

    @ Emily, Liz has a Chilean job here and I truly believe she would be worse off with the same job in London (paid a London salary) for example where you pay huge amounts of money for living, education and even food. I do not see that Chile does not have a middle class. In fact I did a little bit of research and came across the Human Development Report by the United Nations and found Chile to be the 40th best country on the list before nations like Croatia, Turkey, Slovakia and even Estonia:

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I hadn’t found yours yet, but it is now on my list of expat blogs to follow 🙂

    I saw you were just in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico….my husband and I are going there in June for our honeymoon. I am SO excited and definitely enjoyed seeing your pictures!

  5. Hallo Andre! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! Love really was what drew us both to this fasicnating (and frustrating!) country. I agree with you about living in the UK…life is so expensive and you need to really earn BIG BUCKS to afford even a comfortable life there. And now with the hablar! We are happy here at the moment, life is peaceful and positive (finally!) but that doens’t mean we will stay here forever…we are actually thinking about NZ….

    Bis bald und schoene Woche wuensch ich Dir noch!

  6. Hi

    I really enjoy reading all the comments and have to say that I never imagined that I will consider to live here for more than 2 years…

    About mexico, is the same question my family is doing but I agree with Andre that Chile is a good place to live…

    I feel very sorry that mexico has become one of the most insecure places to live 😦 Just a few weeks ago my brother was assaulted by teenagers with guns when he was working in a school! can you believe it?

    Chile has its own complications, people in general are not very open for example, but nothing compared with the corruption, violence and traffic of my country… That’s why at the end, the balance says that Chile is a good place to live!

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