Entel PCS / Spam calls, Spam text, Spam MMS

Before I changed the Domain name of this blog to andreinchile I used the blog a lot to rant about companies and services. See the “Bad Customer Service” Tag for more details. When I moved to Chile I thought these times are over and I tried to post positive things.

I resisted posting about Entel – the Chilean Business Mobile phone provider even though they pissed me off every day by sending me unwanted Spam and calling me with a Robot on the other side of the line asking me for Feedback or trying to sell me stuff.

Entel sent me at least one Spam message per day sometimes as many as three. I am a paying customer and hate this practice ! !

The frustrating part is that my Spanish is not yet sufficient to call them and tell them to shut the  fuck up. I was going to cancel the contract but Liz (the calmer ones of us two) convinced me to  try and resolve it. Bueno.. We went to the Entel Shop today, also to buy a new Blackberry Bold, a company phone for her.

We had to wait more then 20 minutes. Liz wanted to compare the Blackberry curve and Bold before buying but this lousy shop (one of the main Entel shops in Las Condes) did not even have the Curve on display.

Bueno…., back to the Spam problem. Entel: “Sorry we cannot get rid of the spam for you, we can see in the computer that it is correct that we send you Spam but we cannot edit this. You need to call 103” So we did call 103 (a wait time of about 15 minutes) and cancel the Spa. This was just 1 hour ago. Guess what happened just now… YES an automated phone call from this stupid company from an automated voice. *argh* just leave me alone I am not interested in this. I pay for my service and that is it.

I feel passionate about it and want to give back my SIM but Liz again is the calm and rational one of us. She has a Entel work phone and it  is just cheaper if we are on the same network.

Now lets all be positive and let the weekend begin 🙂 AEHM if you are new to Chile don’t use Entel – why – because I tell you not to….

update: April 1, it seems the text message spam has stopped but since asking them to stop on the 27th I have received two automated calls with advertisement. It is very annoying but a lot less annoying then receiving 3 text messages per day with Spam

7 thoughts on “Entel PCS / Spam calls, Spam text, Spam MMS

  1. “When I moved to Chile I thought these times are over”

    Oh Andre, that is so sweet and naive. Little did you know you were just getting started as Chile tends to have shockingly awful customer service! Unfortunately I’d have to say that Entel is the best of the three networks. Claro is a piece of crap, people are always complaining about their signal and about the fine print in their contracts. Movistar is almost as good as Entel but doesn’t have as good a signal – when we lived on the 22nd floor my boyfriend would miss a lot of calls, and Movistar’s response was “oh, you live on a high floor? Yeah, that’s just how it is.” They’re all ladrones, but in my experience Entel gives you the most benefits in return for your trouble. Hope the spam is over now! And fingers crossed they don’t start spamming me – I get the occasional text but nothing more.

  2. I have Movistar and they send me messages with “deals” almost once a day. It’s so disappointing to think someone has texted you but see that it’s just Movistar!! I haven’t had any problems with signal though, but I don’t live on the 22nd floor. I’ve heard that Entel is slightly cheaper, but it really depends on your plan.

  3. Abby, yes that is what annoys me most. I rush to the phone excited that a loved one is thinking about me and texting to me and all I get is Entel Spam. I hope they stopped now. If not I will write again 😉 Spoke to a friend yesterday who is with Entel and he receives around 7 text messages from Entel per day. This spam only started a few weeks ago.

    Emily, you might be right 🙂 I have already accepted that there is no way to get a bank account without having a RUT. Entel is no better if you have a bad signal – i found this blog post of a Chilean guy who was annoyed by the Entel Spam and frustrated with the poor service: Entel Spam and Problems

  4. Kalser

    “my Spanish is not yet sufficient to call them and tell them to shut the fuck up”

    are you not aware there are 8, 10 and even 12 year olds on your site, how could you have such foolishness and add to the bad world on the internet.

    You’re misleading in your clear posts as if this is you than its disappointment.

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