Playa Del Carmen a short guide of what to do

Off topic: This post is not about Chile: Tyffanie  mentioned that she would be going to Playa Del Carmen for a honeymoon in June. That is so exciting 🙂 I followed up by email and said I would email her some tips. But I guess it can be interesting for my readers who happen to want to go to Playa so I thought I would do a quick blog post on it.

We went to Playa Del Carmen twice.  What makes it special is that it is a place where you can find individual Hotels and many small Restaurants, Bars and breakfast places. Also it is in the Caribbean, my favourite beach, which is the sea and coastline with the unique turquoise colour. 

I will start with our favourite breakfast place: La Cueva del Chango. Immediately after the holiday I wrote the following on Tripadvisor:

This was and is our favourite breakfast place in Playa del Carmen. If you like Mexican food and enjoy a good espresso (and not Starbucks) 😉 this is your place. Ask for the chilaquiles they make them really well!!!!!

Also a nice place to go (but crowded in the main season) was the Babe’s Thai: My review on trip advisor got 4 stars and I wrote some negative comments because one time we went the service was not good as the place was so crowded (main season). I was not happy with the forced service charge at that time because of the bad service. However we have been a few times and I want to recommend the place!! See here my original review:

We went twice whilst in Playa in early 2009. both times we had to wait for a table. I am usually generous with tip but what I did not like was the "forced" service charge of 13% which was not mentioned in the menu. The only thing mentioned was service not included. The food is good and the service was o.k. Better then most of the "Trampa de Turistas*" in Playa del Carmen so 4 stars

Which leads us to activities:

In Playa Del Carmen there is lots to do and you will have a lot of guys selling you Adventure packages on the street. First time round we went to the Xcaret Theme Park which is ideal for kids and was fun for 1 day but we decided it was not worth it going back.

We also went to Tulum (the Wikipedia entry is worth a read if you have time)  in the south of the Yucatán Peninsula. There we saw some Mayan ruins and then we spent the rest of the day at a quiet beach. It was well worth the trip. We went by public bus. (I do not recall the name of the bus) There is no need to book a tour to get to Tulum.

From Playa Del Carmen you can also go to the Island Cozumel very easy. You will need to take one of two high speed ferries which run almost every hour and take 30 minutes to get there. One of the things to do is to go snorkeling. If you speak Spanish (which I know Tyffanie does) don’t buy any tickets for the snorkeling before arriving in Cozumel. Then and there negotiate the price (you will save up to  50 % this  way bearing in mind my Novia Liz is Mexican and a good negotiator) See here some publicly available pictures for snorkeling in Cozumel

Also we had one of our best times at the beach in Cozumel. The water was like a swimming pool with no waves and there were hardly any people. The taxi driver (who for sure gained some commission) dropped us of at one of the Trampa de Turistas I think it was San Francisco beach. All the good beach locations are owned by Restaurants and in order to get a deck chair and the allowance to use the beach you need to eat there. I do not recall the name but you can get out in San Francisco and walk along the beach until you find one that you like. Here is one of my favourite pictures we took from Cozumel beach

Cozumel Mexico Beach

2 thoughts on “Playa Del Carmen a short guide of what to do

  1. Liz

    If you go to La Cueva del Chango, and of course, if you like spicy food, I strongly recommend to ask for the “chilaquiles” are my favorite ever! Also the juices are fresh and really good 🙂

  2. When we were on our Cozumel Travel Vacation, we were on this beach! One of our favorite things to do while in Cozumel was to go snorkeling! It was so much fun. If I’m ever around the area again I’d love to experience the peaceful-ness of it once more.

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