Fake Argentinean Pesos

Liz and I where in Buenos Aires Argentina for the Easter weekend. We had an amazing time. We spent 2 nights at Rocio’s and Malcolm’s two friends. Rocio, who is originally Argentinian lived with Liz in Mexico City for a while and are a little bit like sisters. They live in Tigre which is a part of Buenos Aires. They have a really nice house with swimming pool and we enjoyed a Argentinean BBQ and had a lot of fun.. We also saw Buenos Aires but that’s not what I want to write about in this moment.

I want to write about fake money instead.

I received 20 Argentinean pesos, worth about 5 dollars. I do not recall from where but next time I wanted to use them to pay I was told they are fake. Even though I was told the 20 Argentinian pesos were fake I did not believe it. Who would print 20 fake pesos if they are only worth 5 USD. The cost of printing must be high, then getting them in to the money chain etc…

Anyway once I compared the fake with a different note it became clear that the Notes is indeed fake. Not even fake but a bad copy. See for yourself:


Fake Argentinean Pesos

In the above picture it is obvious the left is the fake.

.Fake Argentinean Pesos

The top Note is the fake one. I plan to elaborate more on Argentina but do take good care when receiving change. Best is probably to pay everything by Credit or Debit Card and then keep on checking your Credit Card statements to see if someone has cloned the card.

5 thoughts on “Fake Argentinean Pesos

  1. Hi Andre–You probably received it from a taxi driver. It’s easy for them to slip you a fake and wave goodbye as they drive down the street.

    Sorry to hear that you were given that–but very happy that it wasn’t more!! We always give taxi drivers the lowest amount of change possible to avoid that.

    Their karma will come back to them.


  2. Hi André, I agree with Amanda: chances are it was on a taxi. He also got it from some idiot and got rid of it as soon as possible, which usually happens when they take foreigners. Shame.

  3. Hey Martin,
    thanks for coming here to read my blog. I have bookmarked yours but did not have much time yet to go through as for me to read in Spanish is still needs a lot of concentration – but I am getting there.. 😉

    How is live in Germany??? Do you often travel back to Argentina? That must be such a HUGE culture shock knowing how serious and “square” or should I say process oriented 😉 the Germans can be

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