A New Post Title…

… suggested by a dear reader.

I was happy to see I am number two on Google.com for positive things about Chile. I guess it is my duty to soon write an article about it. I have started now but it is late and I have just deleted my third version. So stay tuned 😉

positive things in chile
positive things in chile

3 thoughts on “A New Post Title…

  1. Well… you have now jumped up to number one position. Also, you are on page 3. I, however, did not show up on the first 10 pages of search. Boo! Aparently I never write about positive. Which is funny, because I avoid negative— or at least beyond what I write about prositution, child trafficking, and politics.

  2. thanks Clare. On Purpose I did not use p. th. about Chile in my title as the title (url and bigger font) would have given it more authority for this search term and it is not really a blog post any anonymous reader would be interested in when searching for this specific term.

    I did notice that your blog is positive in nature. What helps me in search rankings for Chile is certainly the word Chile in my URL.
    *update* also funny that the entry on page three is a negative post 😉 me being furious about entel

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