Asking Liz to marry me

now you have seen the ring you want to know how, when and where… Emily asked me and we are happy to share the story.

On Friday I asked Liz to marry me.  Liz was under the impression that we were going out for a romantic dinner. I had told her that I wanted to have a belated Valentines dinner with her.

We went to Restaurant Zully in the Center. I had asked for a romantic and isolated table as I wanted to propose to my girlfriend. I remembered that they had so many different rooms in Zully and I was sure there was somewhere quiet to for us. I was right. They placed us in the wine cellar which has very romantic tables. We were seated in a nice bay and from where we sat no other guests saw us and vice versa. The ambient was perfect. We ordered cocktails to begin with and after we said cheers and sipped a little I got up and gave her the box which I had carefully hidden in my camera bag and asked her if she wanted to marry me.  She said no no no no I can’t believe it… Of course I want….!  She did not expect me to propose but was ultra happy. Seeing how happy she was I noticed the tears coming down my cheeks. The moment could not have been better.

Liz opened the box (see pic below) and after she looked at the ring and told me a hundred times how beautiful it was she gave it back to me and I put it on her finger. The ring fit perfectly no adjustments needed.

The rest of the evening was wonderful. Zully is definitely the place to go for a romantic evening. The food is good (4 out of 5) and the ambient and service is amazing (6 out of 5) 😉 This mix makes it Liz’s favourite restaurant in Santiago.

9 thoughts on “Asking Liz to marry me

  1. Cute story – thanks for sharing! I’ve heard Zully is a great restaurant and want to try it for our next special night out…although I don’t think my next special night will be *quite* as special as yours was 🙂

  2. Thank you!!

    @Emily you should try the Zuly I think you will like it. I just asked Liz if I am over hyping it and she said no it is good

    @Clare pssst don’t repeat it 😉

  3. Sue

    Congratulations to you both! Reading this brings tears to MY eyes. We hope to go to Zully with you both in December for a belated engagement celebration.

  4. carola

    Congrats dear friends!!!
    I´m glad I was a little part of this great surprise, hehehe!!
    You guys both looked soooooo happy this Sunday when we went out for lunch, Vic and I couldn´t be more excited for you.
    Luv U both

  5. INDEED Carola, you were not onlyl a little part but a big part and of great help helping to find the ring. Thank you!!!

    It was the part I was most nervous about and you not only showed me the great store Helmlinger but also gave me the confidence..

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