Como se dice?

a very short post just to say all is good. I have not been very active but as my tag line says: Don’t expect regular updates 😉

For my non Spanish speaking readers. The headline “como se dice” means: “How do you say?” Reason for the post. I have started taking Spanish classes again and it feels great to be able to manage life situations better and better without having to rely on mi amor. As I mentioned before I start work at 5.30 am and I rely heavily on my Internet for work. The other day the internet was not working and I did not want to wake Liz at this terrible time. I tried and dialed the number of tech support of VTR. The guy on the other end was very friendly and professional. He spoke slowly and clearly and we were able to solve the problem. I was very proud. On another note. I am gaining fame here in Chile as you can see from the poster below:

Posters of me all over Chile
Posters of me all over Chile

Photo effect by:

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