Earthquake in Santiago

Just a very short post to tell our friends that we are o.k.

At 3.30 am this morning we were woken by some movement which quickly turned in to the most terrible earthquake me or Liz has ever experienced.

We were shocked since the earthquake did not seem to want to stop. I know you should stand under a strong door beam but we were standing at the window seeing all that was going on outside hearing glas falling down everywhere around us. We tried to walk away from the window but forces were too big. We stayed at the window and thankfully are safe. We left the house from 3.30 to 5.30 and got electricity back around 6 am. Phones still don’t work well but at least we got internet around 10am.

Here is a short video I took;

The good news is we have heard from most of our friends and they are all o.k.  Our thoughts are with the families that were not as lucky.

6 thoughts on “Earthquake in Santiago

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  2. Anna

    Hallo Andre und Liz,

    Danke fuer eure Nachricht, wir haben schon fest an euch gedacht und sind jetzt vor kurzem in Cambridge angekommen und ich wollte euch schon anrufen wie ich deine email gesehen habe wo du schreibst Telefon funktioniert nicht. Also schicken wir euch via email liebe Gruesse und freuen uns dass es euch sowit gut geht und Ihr heil seid.

    Wir umarmen euch und passt auf euch auf!

    Anna & Erich

  3. dude

    Believe it or not, I wondered about you as soon as I heard about the earthquake. I’m glad to hear you are OK and I hope you will find opportunity to be a conduit for information from the country.

    My daughter is at school in Hawaii so we were also very worried initially due to tsunami.

    We pray for the families of those who lost loved ones.

  4. Thanks for coming back.. i hope your daughter is o.k.
    I will try to update as much as possible as I hear things. Since I am in Santiago I am not sure I will have up to date information. I realized recently that people further away knew more that was going on in the affected regions then me.

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